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An Ultra takes possession

The start of Torra is lousy; The government erred in not going; Sanchez succeeds in agreeing

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An Ultra takes possession
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The tiny ceremony with which he took possession of presidency of Generalitat yesterday is of singular importance, like all facts of symbolic scope. It is, above all, expressive of scant appreciation that historic institution of Catalan self-government inspires new president. Also of his little inclination to recognize even Parlament as a source of legitimacy, because he does not consider himself as president in fullness of functions, but as an intern at service of a fugitive from justice. And at same time it illustrates extent to which secessionist degradation has come to perfect its opportunism. So he is not even able to grant his own right, won at polls, to have a normal, serious and competent executive. But it does not take advantage of opportunity to take a slice of all legal interstices — re are in democracies, not so much in autocracy — that y favor partisan profit, privileges of power in favor of sect, even individual prebends.

Autonomous power, yes, y say to mselves, but to destroy it from within in favor of an increasingly ultra and more racist separatism, like that of ir friends of Italian Lega or of xenophobic flamingos, which does not deter or inhibit any of its ideologues and journalists D And head of old progressive filiation and risk ending as a notable protosocialista, Benito Mussolini. Its silence is most thundering of ultra drift that symbolizes Torra.

The institutional corrosion that characterized only unworthy takeover of Generalitat — and re have been controversies, especially in difficult circumstances of anti-Franco exile, real — has spread to government. Mariano Rajoy should not wash his hands before probability that it was an act imprudent and Torticero, but instead should be re, with a high representation: as an entity that truly initiates transfer of power; For political responsibility to citizens who have only recovered a (scarce) relief from ouster of government that perpetrated September coup; Because to govern is to be present, to hard and ripe, and to show soundness of rule of law and its democratic principles and values.

Mal has also been staging of president's meetings with Sanchez and Rivera, in a premeditated effort to miss latter with complicity of socialist leader. Everyone must make an effort to recompose unit. And, in that sense, it is commendable Sanchez's attitude to offer support to executive on a fundamental issue of state and, moreover, his proposal of legal reforms indispensable to make it difficult for secessionism to continue to deepen in interstices of Legality in which it has been doctorate. Let's hope that constitutional Unit will be maintained in probable case that 155 must be re-applied, which cannot be prolonged, as intended by citizens, because of its impossible legal fit. Meanwhile, most positive thing about this takeover is that it distorts slander that in Spain it is going to jail for hosting separatist ideas. In Spain, being secessionist you can preside over Generalitat... As long as no crimes are committed.

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