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An unviable government

The motion will evict Rajoy, but it will not generate more political stability

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An unviable government

Mariano Rajoy's resistance to resign — re is still a formal time to do so and we emphatically appeal to his responsibility to respond in that sense — he has left Congress of deputies caught between two times and difficult requirements of Reconcile each or.

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On one hand, an undeniable ethical imperative compels president of Moncloa to be evicted – who dismisses insulting Parliament and voters with ir absence in evening session and opening up a new time that dignify politics and democratic institutions Far from generalized corruption of PP. On or hand, if house successfully censures government, time of ethical urgency must give way to normal time of policy under anor government, which should have a parliamentary programme and support to provide Political and economic stability at a particularly delicate time. Unfortunately, it's not going to be like that.

The rejection of one to resign and or to go to polls is an additional element to crisis

As this Thursday was found in Hemicycle, neir president of Government can continue nor leader of opposition has political capacity to lead a stable and coherent executive. The governability of Spain is about to pass from hands of a leader, Mariano Rajoy, guilty of this institutional crisis because of his inability to confront his political responsibility, anor, Pedro Sánchez, who refuses to go to citizens to obtain a mandate Clear to move on. With ir refusal to summon ballot box to solve this serious crisis, leaders of two parties that have ruled democracy show that y have no confidence in mselves or ir constituents to renew support y gave m in past. The rejection of one to resign after having lost majority and or to go to ballot box to have a stable majority becomes an additional element of crisis of democratic system in which policy has been installed since 2015. With ir proceeding, both seek to avoid punishment of ir voters at ballot box, although it may be wondered wher y will in long run not aggravate it. This is most likely.

We actually witnessed duel between two politicians without a future; To last impulse, perhaps, of two leaders of two parties who desperately grab each or before wind that drags m. One and or seemed to calculate wher it is better or worse to rush a few months in Moncloa to pilot so in better conditions upcoming elections. We understand that, no matter which of two you pilot, you both drive ship to a fatal destination. At no time in duel Sánchez-Rajoy seemed to guess slightest concern for interests of citizens.

Trying to govern with counterproductive support is an imprudence

Much we fear that crisis of system, already serious, will worsen if Sanchez achieves its commitment to settle and remain in government with meager support that provides a stable core of 84 deputies that only exceptionally has achieved an absolute majority To achieve ir investiture. To govern a country that faces political, economic, social and territorial challenges of undoubted caliber with such meager support will certainly generate instability, and reby contribute to deteriorating confidence in institutions.

Proof of artificiality and inviability of proposed government is program presented by Sánchez in Congress, which includes claim to govern with general budgets recently approved by PP, which aspires to evict, and that were reason for a Amendment to whole of his party for his allegedly anti-social and regressive character. Or effort to bring forward a very important legislative agenda in economic and social matters from a monocolor government which, with 84 deputies, would represent 24% of seats in chamber.

The more concerned is desire expressed by candidate to "build bridges" and "dialogue" with Catalan independence forces when it is known that this dialogue — as he made very clear Tardà and ratified after churches — can only be about how and when he It will hold a consultation on independence of Catalonia. It should be remembered that constitutional block formed by PP, PSOE and citizens that has managed response to Catalan crisis and application of article 155 has had 254 seats, this is 72% of chamber. However, with its 84 seats, PSOE will be a minority in coalition of 180 deputies with which it seeks to govern, since all parties that support him (United we can, Bildu, ERC, PDeCAT and PNV) are partisan, in one way or anor, right to decide , euphemism for a right to self-determination that does not fit into constitution. Can Sánchez aspire to manage Catalan crisis by being a minority within its own parliamentary coalition and being a minority within constitutional bloc? Hard.

To evict Rajoy, we insist, is an imperative. To try to govern without support or, worse, with counterproductive supports, an imprudence. As we have argued, in order to avoid instability and delegitimization of democratic system, we call for a prompt invitation to polls as agreed by all parliamentary groups that want to guarantee stability and governability and that Think that most effective and most democratic solution is to give voice to citizens.

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