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Anchovy fishermen early alert prey

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Anchovy fishermen early alert prey

Armstrong, AA correspondent, in new season that begins on September 1 of remaining 2-week period in Eastern Black Sea fishermen said he couldn't find hope.

Acorn hunt started bad voicing Arslan, " pre-season signs were not good for fish. Acorn hunt that will start of Bad, which we're guessing our expectations came true. The fish catches in Eastern Black Sea hunts. Don't make fun of Acorn now face this season," he said.

Armstrong, acorns, headed by fishermen expressing it disappointed in or species, especially horse mackerel noted that currently fishery is concerned.

towards hunters if or is a fish striking Arslan anchovy of Black Sea with sea of Marmara anchovy fishery was carried out in some regions, he said.

Armstrong, anchovy season opened early, and I certainly don't want that, stressing that said:

"in past Acorn bad era of hunting our hunt was focused on fishermen of anchovy in months of September. In months of December or January, which is in middle of hunt lost fish, nets had time before to collect before end of season. We don't want same scenario to happen in new period. Early period and beginning end early again. Therefore, early opening of season, certainly we don't want anchovies."

fishing of anchovy in grocery store in giresun bench and sold at £ 15.


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