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and trade unions caress an agreement to improve salaries for officials

The Ministry improved its salary proposal for the period 2018-2020

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and trade unions caress an agreement to improve salaries for officials

The Ministry of Finance and Public service presented yesterday to main trade union organizations representatives of officials (CC Oo, UGT and CSIF) a new remuneration offer to increase salaries of officials in 2018, an offer, which, according to CC Oo, It improves proposal of September, that Era"insuficiente".

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  • Hacienda approves that Catalan officials charge 20% pending ir extra pay for 2012
  • Hacienda offers employees up to 7.25% salary rise in three years
  • Trade unions threaten mobilization if officials do not recover purchasing power
  • Hacienda prepares a fixed rise and anor variable for officials
  • Government concluded a pact with trade unions to increase public employment in priority sectors

At meeting held yesterday, Secretary of State for Public service, Elena Collado, also improved her proposal to advance working conditions of public employees, since a principle of agreement has been reached that allows recovery of Collective bargaining on such "important" issues for officials as is 100% recovery in case of temporary disability.

The trade union organizations and Ministry have completed employment document in which "substantial" improvements are made to everything relating to replacement rate and generates net public employment creation.

The coordinator of public area of CC OO, Pepe Fernandez, said that practically closed negotiation on employment, which envisages increasing rates of replenishment in priority and non-priority sectors — agreed by 100% and 75%, respectively, until September, when negotiations suffered a halt for situation in Catalonia — to be able to exceed 100% in priority sectors, and in some of m even reaching 115%, as in case of forces and security bodies of State.

The previous meeting already agreed, according to trade union sources, that replacement rate should be above 100% in case of local police. The union organizations will meet again tomorrow Friday to review all documents and discuss preamble which has to contain possible agreement.

For its part, CSIF has assured that it is advancing towards an agreement that could give "shelve" to cuts that were applied to public employees during economic crisis and open "a new stage in public administrations of growth, creation of Employment and improvement in working conditions. "

Thus, organization that leads Miguel Borras wants to have agreement with Treasury, but believes that y have to finish profiling with "bravery, generosity and height of sight on part of government". "We are going in right direction, but we still expect a political decision at highest level to initialed a global agreement in which public employees can feel reflected," Union stressed.

In particular, CSIF considers that an economic offer should be given that moves towards recovery of lost purchasing power, that re is creation of net employment in administrations and reinforcement of public services and that negotiation is recovered in different Administrations to agree on 35-hour day.

Both parties had set a deadline for agreement on 1 March, but after meeting last Monday y decided to extend this deadline and to schedule new meetings for next few days, which have extended to at least 12 March deadline for locking Jar by agreement.

For UGT re have been "very significant" advances in wage matters. Thus, organization that leads Pepe Álvarez has said that administration has improved offer in September and has pointed out that it hopes that meeting on Friday will nuance last details and a multi-annual agreement for officials is closed.

In wage sector, administration proposed in September a rise of between a minimum of 5.25% and a maximum of 8% for next three years. In detail, increase offered by Hacienda envisages a fixed rise of 1.5% by 2018, of 1.75% for 2019 and of 2% by 2020, to which anor variable part linked to evolution of Spanish economy is added.

This variable part could contribute, if government's growth forecast is met, an additional increase of 0.25% in 2018, 0.5% in 2019, and anor 0.5% in 2020. In event that GDP forecasting is exceeded by four-tenths, additional rise would be 0.5% in 2018 and anor 0.75% in 2019 and by 2020. In practice, staff salaries could raise a maximum of 2% this year, 2.5% in 2019 and 2.75% in 2019.

Public employment

At meeting on 22 February, parties practically closed an agreement on employment which was to reinforce one signed in March last year, thus universalizaráing stabilization process and allowing to lower temporality in field of Public administrations at 8% in period 2018-2020, as well as creation of new public employment.

According to unions, this employment agreement will allow start to recover lost employment, not only in priority services, but also in whole of administrations and public sectors, with creation of new public employment.


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