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Another blow to science

Almeria Solar platform paralyzes important projects by the obstacles that prevent spending the budget

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Another blow to science

The Almeria solar platform, Europe's largest concentrated solar energy research center, has had to dispense with more than a third of its workforce and freeze important research projects for a reason that should embarrass those They have responsibility to manage public scientific system in Spain. Budgets have long been frozen, but now it has come to absurd situation of not being able to spend even money available.

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At moment, platform has more than six million euros of its budget immobilized and unproductive by bureaucratic obstacles that Hacienda imposes on research centres. It does not matter that it is considered a strategic centre by EU, that activity of this platform affects one of most important areas of research, improvement of techniques of obtaining solar energy, and that consequence of all this is that First-line scientists, well-formed and with important projects, are unemployed today.

It's not an isolated case. Similar problems are observed in or scientific organisms, and if something is a symptom what happens in Almeria platform is accelerated decapitalization that science suffers in Spain. Not to mediate an urgent rectification, it is not difficult to predict collapse of a system built with effort of many and deserves better managers. The scientific community has been providing data on alarming situation of investigation for months, but it seems to be a cry in wilderness. What happens with investigation is one more example of paralysis and lack of government project. We cannot allow science to continue to descapitalizándose because that means that we will be increasingly far from parameters of investment and results of European countries with which we must be compared.

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