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Another project

It is the apathy of today's politicians that reflects the constitution

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Another project

In final stretch towards its forty years of existence, never as it has now been subjected to Spanish Constitution to such a pronounced questioning. In hands of Great Recession and corruption came to Spain a political crisis that has left field open to populists and ultranationalists who believe to see in text of 1978 principle of all problems of representation and political organization that suffers Currently country. That's not true.

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It is an old tendency of our country to bring down everything every certain period of time with a self-destructive will that has caused us great damage in past. Also today we hear voices that invite us to Blur and new account. That's not what we need. There is no system to dynamite in Spain. On contrary, we enjoy an enviable democratic framework that needs to be cared for, revised and reformed to prolong and improve it.

The Spanish Constitution is result of a rare political consensus at a historical moment in which an entire nation coming out of a dictatorship designed a country project united by values of its first article, a social and democratic state of law based on Freedom, justice, equality and pluralism. Its enactment, it has already been said, has served as a legal framework for a country whose economic and social development has advanced at breakneck speed in just four decades. Today, on its 39 anniversary, it is clear that it needs an update. Several years ago, different voices, including that of this newspaper, ask for a revision capable of adapting text to today's reality and reducing some tensions, such as territorial ones. However, in same way that Constitution is not culprit of all political ills that afflict us, neir will its reform be solution of all of m. In reality, y are today's politicians, who will now celebrate onomastics in official classrooms, who should question mselves about reasons for so much questioning towards a fundamental law that only needs a few tweaks; Namely, to define territorial organization, to establish competences of Autonomous Communities, to reform Senate, to incorporate European Union as a source of law, to eliminate preference of male in line of succession of crown and little more. Consensus and minimal, but crucial changes. That should be general rule.

It's not time for a new slate. It is time for reforms to improve and prolong system

It is not consensus of 1978 to blame nationalist tensions and disenchantment of political among citizens, but incompetence of political forces of today. Faced with that consensus, in Spain dissent has settled, inability to negotiate even set-up of a good constitution that is fully aligned with its European counterparts. In a scenario of greater political fragmentation, this task is seen as difficult, but not impossible. After all, absence of absolute majority forces to develop a larger negotiating waist.

The problem is that, entangled in disputes, managers of public thing are unable to design a new country project or excite in ir consolidation, unless ir plan is held in a sleeplessistic dream of independence or a crusade against She. The problem, in short, is not article 155, but it has had to resort to its application. Because it is political action (or inaction) — and not a constitution that enrolled in gold letters democratic aspirations of this country — one that generates disaffection, mistrust of politics, and tensions that have resulted in a serious institutional crisis Like Catalan.

The reform of constitutional text is not, however, solution to all problems

It is a cry that title VIII of Constitution on territorial organization needs an update. Its writing responds to a project, state of Autonomy, which is now developed and settled. It is also a clamor that a new system of autonomic financing is needed based on a standard, default procedure, with little leeway for political arbitrariness. A system, in short, which enshrines territorial solidarity and moderately constricts to each autonomy without generating any furr grievances. Neir solving this issue — not constitutional — would end territorial tensions, but same that defend Constitution — and consequent citizen coexistence — postpone project by allowing direct attack on legal framework that has Guaranteed that coexistence.

The Catalan crisis, as a cataclysm, has fostered paralysis in politicians who seem unable to walk and chew gum at same time and in that difficulty forget real importance of ir mission: try to solve demands of administered. Autonomic funding is not an abstract matter that is only for autonomous governments, eager to manage money. It affects essential services such as education and health. But re is a negligent tendency to defer pending duties; Eir to tackle everyday problems, eir to retouch a constitutional text for which re are sufficient and successful proposals. Its apathy is a factor that damages coexistence achieved by constitutional breath.

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