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Apple faces its biggest legal challenge by slowing down its old iphones

The technology firm faces at least 59 lawsuits seeking collective action against the brand

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Apple faces its biggest legal challenge by slowing down its old iphones

iphone customers have already presented at least 59 individual lawsuits against Apple by slowing down speed of ir old iphone to get m to buy new models, in a case that can become one of biggest legal challenges since y Premiered iconic smartphone in 2007, Wall Street Journal reported.

The first lawsuits arose after Apple admitted in December that software upgrades deliberately reduce performance of previous IPhone models in order to preserve battery life, which in some cases may Even jeopardize device.

Claimants claim compensation for damages, replacement of battery, as well as Apple's charge of attorneys ' fees and court expenses. They also require Tim Cook-led company to conduct an advertising campaign explaining event and apologising.

Precisely, this Thursday is planned a meeting in Atlanta of plaintiffs ' legal representatives in order to reach an agreement to file a collective lawsuit (class actions), choose a principal lawyer and decide which court They file complaint. Apple refused to make official comments to questions from financial journal.

Worse than ' Antennagate '

The technology company has said previously that it would never shorten or intentionally degrade service life of its services, and stated that Apple's goal is to make iphones last as long as possible.

The number of lawsuits presented by this case triples already those that were presented in 2010 by a failure in IPhone 4, which cancelled calls, in what was called scandal of Antennagate. Then, Cupertino company solved case by offering owners of IPhone 4 a free casing (bumper) or $15 cash, which cost cost to Apple 315 million dollars in total.

After Apple's admission of error in December, company is also being investigated for possible violations by Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission. Analysts have said that upcoming court battles can force Apple to reveal secret details about how phones and or devices develop. And if a decision is taken against it, it can serve as jurisprudence for or technological giants, demanding to be more transparent about how software or hardware functions affect power or performance.

However, or sources point out that plaintiffs are facing a difficult battle, because Apple, in addition to admitting case, has reduced cost of replacing battery for one year and introduced new battery configurations in its operating system IOS that They would allow users to correct problem of speed.


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