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Argentina, with MACRI

The Argentine president receives a wide support in the ballot box against Peronism

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Argentina, with MACRI

The overwhelming victory obtained by Argentine President Mauricio Macri in partial legislative elections held on Sunday is a forceful boost of electorate so that President culminate program of reforms aimed at removing Argentina of economic stagnation and international isolation that still suffers, result of more than ten years of Kirchnerism.

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With a realistic program and explaining real difficulties that cross country — something completely away from policies of former Presidents Néstor Kirchner and his wife, Cristina Fernandez, MACRI candidates and ir training, change, have achieved more of 40% support, something — for a non-Peronist party — unprecedented in country's recent history. For first time for last 15 years Peronism has lost absolute majority in Senate.

Particularly illustrative is defeat suffered in province of Buenos Aires by Expresident Cristina Fernandez, to which candidate to change, Esteban Bullrich, took ten percentage points of advantage. And that which aforementioned province has traditionally been a fishing ground of populist vote exploited by Fernandez. However, Exmandataria has obtained a seat and, refore, temporary immunity in cases of corruption for which it is currently investigated.

MACRI thus receives green light of Argentines to continue transformation of a country that, after more than a decade of populism, was plunged into a deep crisis and whose only international allies were Venezuela and Iran. The electorate has been deaf to siren songs that promised more of same and to same candidate, and has ratified change and openness to world. Now it's up to president to live up to expectations.

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