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Attack of the paper fliers

England has qualified for the World Cup ü R. But the talented team is mocked by coach Southgate rather than admired.

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Attack of the paper fliers

The spectators tore ir hands into air and lay down in arms. A fan even dug out World Cup and kissed him. Tor for England? Rar on contrary. In second half of World Cup qualifier against Slovenia, fans of boredom were working on converting ir printed A4 tickets into paper planes so that at least something was going on. And now, under ever louder applause, one of se flying objects sailed to English gate, and actually went in.

This hit in 85 minute was climax in kidding of team. Later, in not very well-filled Wembley Stadium, fans whistled displayed replay time and laughed mockingly when unemployed goalkeeper Joe Hart was awarded as "Man of Game".

Even England's victory hit 1:0, which secured trip to World Cup in Russia with last action of game, could not alleviate disillusionment of 61 598 present. When Harry Kane pressed ball over line (94.), paper airplane builders were long uncatchable in front. Ten litters found ir way to square, one flew directly to national coach Gareth Southgate.

To goalkeeper Hart, attack of paper flier would have given opportunity to earn man-of--game trophy at least with a pike leap into corner. But England's closing man showed no reaction. Hart, currently borrowed from Manchester City to West Ham United, continues on island series of goalkeepers, many of whom think that y should not be in gate. His control of area and his skills on ball cannot keep up with his partly good reflexes. However, because it belongs to current requirement profile, island yearns for Jack Butland (Stoke City), substitute. To call a competition, however, national coach Southgate would have to wrestle with a decision as he sees it. What has failed so far is that Southgate seems to prefer not to make any decisions at all. Even in captain's question, he's still looking. At Southgate's office, only his contract has been shining until 2020, which makes it impossible for players to revolt, unless y want to jeopardize ir short-term advancement in national.

Since taking office about a year ago, Three Lions have been developing backwards rar than forwards. You had to assume that after self-exposure in euro-eighth final 2016 against Iceland (1:2), it would hardly be possible to get worse.

However, as for reputation of Southgate, who, on sidelines, with his ever-same formal clothing reminiscent of an English officer, was really ordered by players, on Thursday evening attempt showed instructions to attacker Jesse Lingard To pass on. Lingard ran so slowly on his coach that it seemed questionable wher he was making way to end of game. Obviously, players who are sometimes led by best coaches in ir clubs can start little with novices Southgate.

In press conference after match, Southgate introduced his own new questions, but he did not present solutions. He would like to see his team dominate with 80 percent ball ownership, he said: "But what my ideal playing style would be and what we need to do are two different things." To do this, it is necessary to know that English national team is actually teeming with talented players, but who need guidance on what ir tasks are. The fact that England can now advance planning for World Cup is up to pros of Tottenham Hotspur. At eight of past ten goals, y were involved, six hits alone Toptorjäger Kane.

The English association with coach Southgate has already seen a dreary quarter in Russian village of Repino. The hotel complex is located north of St. Petersburg, which would give side effect that England would be at home at an early failure in group stage (like 2014 in Brazil). The flight time is from London only three hours.


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