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Autonomous input and output: only 188.505 own-account workers the most in four years

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Autonomous input and output: only 188.505 own-account workers the most in four years

So are freelancers who brought (and took) crisis

Upta claim full tariff "is a good measure as a gateway for entrepreneurs provided y meet minimum conditions of viability

Between October 2013 and August of 2017 is produced 2.842.717 new high for self-employed in RETA (Special Regime for Self-employed Workers). However, re were also low, in particular, 2.654.212, so that net growth of own-account workers was apenas188.505.

For Union of Professionals and Self-employed Workers (Upta), " input and output data of last four years in system of special CHALLENGES y keep throwing a pírrico increase in Social Security membership" in collective of self-employed. In his opinion, " proposed model is not giving expected returns" and, refore, "it becomes necessary to make adjustments that allow m to be more effective in policies for creation and consolidation of self-employment".

One of action stars of Executive to encourage venture was flat rate of 50 euros. Since its launch in October 2013, more than 1,300,000 self-employed have benefited from this measure to put in place an activity on ir own. That is to say, 50% of higher between October 21013 and August of 2017 come from flat fee. However, accurate Upta in a press release, "we just have a 75,000 self-employed consolidated in terms of net", which shows " return of investment is null".

in Addition, complaint by association, have been spent on bonuses fees to Security 400 million that have come out of system itself and which have, in fact, accurate, "deeper wound".

To secretary general of Upta-Eduardo Abad, flat rate is a good measure as door of access to entrepreneurs', will always 'have a business idea that meets minimal conditions of viability". "The bonus can't be taken as an attractive unlimited in which to find refuge for people driven out of market of working for ors, in most cases without any experience or training in business to start. We have to try to put in place a modification in obtaining of bonus shares for start of activity, by developing mechanisms that demonstrate a minimum solvency of project", he stresses. "This would be enough and could help to reduce extremely high mortality of economic activities", he adds.



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