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Back to the ' procés '

The independence is again thrown into the arms of the radicals of the CUP

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Back to the ' procés '

The investiture agreement reached by two large secessionist families (PdeCAT/lista Puigdemont y Esquerra, ERC) houses two objectives, contradictory to each or, result of which is an independent republic project as Phantasmagoric and absurd as The one that led to intervention via 155.

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One is to satisfy CUP (four deputies) to vote for candidate who decides fugitive Carles Puigdemont. And refore, also to this one. Once again, hegemonic party of bourgeoisie (PdeCAT) and that of artisans classes (ERC) kneel before one of most radical, damaging and anti-system political forces of democratic Europe. They do so by dodging, unlike ir mentors, personal and penitentiary costs y face. How much — apparent — wisdom!

The or is to escape magnifying glass of courts, trying not to offer vulnerable flanks to illegal, unconstitutional, and antistatutory qualifications of text itself. Both inverse toils are attempted to reconcile through a double esoteric, dark and humiliating language for citizens, who want to continue to maintain in deception that independence is possible.

Indeed, in order to attract CUP, "proposal of agreement" advocates a "constituent process" but blurred, which does not have any of legal and political mandates that give meaning to democratic constitutionalism: express mandate of Citizenship, a sufficient legal framework, a legitimating law or a parliamentary committee in charge of its drafting.

The unconstitutional vein of this new nonsense would be saved by its outsourcing to entities located in an ereal "free space" in Brussels: a council for Republic and an Assembly for Republic outside Parlament that would be Shamefully privatized, for "y will not receive public funds," y say, to "guarantee ir independence." In or words, Nicolas Maduro's mode of Venezuela would only bring toger those involved in such an operation and would aim to empty legitimate democratic institutions from competences and to steal from citizens ' representatives ability to control Their rulers.

With constituent and Republican wording, it is pursued to add to reluctant CUP; With private legal nature of executive entities and mechanisms, escaping justice. The problem is that se instances would supplant Parlament: fugitives and ir acolytes would dictate, like ventriloquists, "political strategy" and its internationalization — autonomous chamber, it is said, "will promote a plan of government of Republican obedience" and It should be echoed by " debates and proposals that emanating" of "social movements".

The illegality of se footbridges will be scrutinized, as appropriate and by whom it belongs. But worst is attempt, again, as if y had learned nothing, to swindle Catalans politically. Instead of giving m a government, y intend to continue selling lies, feeding false illusions, degrading institutional dignity of Generalitat and emptying democracy and institutions with spooky organisms. Stop it.

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