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Báñez stumbles on TC

The constitutional annulment of one of the aid to the unemployed indicates that the government lacks a policy of employment

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Báñez stumbles on TC

The Constitutional Court (TC) has snubbed Ministry of Employment: Activation program for Employment (PAE), last aid created to assist unemployed long-term unemployed, endowed with 430 euros per month, must be managed by communities Autonomous and not by public State employment services, which is faculty attributed to ministry. The good news is that beneficiaries will continue to perceive aid, because TC, with good judgement, has understood that unseen are not responsible for legal ineffections; The bad, that government seems incapable of understanding limits of its jurisdiction.

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These legal stumbling blocks show little technical expertise and difficulties in articulating agreements with upcoming parties ( PNV filed a complaint against PAE standard). Even se shortcomings would be excusable if economic team had employment policies of a certain solvency. But job creation has been discharged into private initiative through labor reform to increase flexibility and reduce wages.

The side-effects of this reform — precarious recruitment, too many insufficient wages, precarious business, excessive youth unemployment, and uncorrectable long-term joblessness — have been awkwardly addressed. The recipes (inoperative) have consisted of a continual patchwork of low-encouragement aid and social deductions that increase little employment but lower social Security income.

The situation of youth employment, a factor of social destabilization, and that of long-term unemployed people call for strong policies that generate employment by stimulating demand and limiting precarity. These measures are summarized in a pact for employment.

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