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Bankers on the bench: already 80 managers of convicted savings banks

In addition to the 65 of the ' black ' of Caja Madrid, there are 15 more executives from CAM, Novagalicia, CCM and Caixa Penedès.

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Bankers on the bench: already 80 managers of convicted savings banks

When it is going to be ten years after bankruptcy of Lehman Brors, courts have already issued a number of firm sentences against domes of some broken boxes. In total, 80 executives are sentenced to sentences ranging from three months to six years. In addition, or 95 exexecutive cases have been investigated (formerly imputed) for different reasons. In total, 175 managers who have been seen with justice.

The entities with convicts are: Caja Madrid (65), Novacaixagalicia (5), CCM (2), CAM (4) and Caixa Penedés (4).

The imputed ones are in case Bankia (33 implied by exit to Exchange), Bank of Valencia (12 executives on those who weigh eight lawsuits for fraud), Bancaja (José Luis olivas for scam), Caixa Catalunya (41 exdirectors and exadvisors processed by an increase (unjustified remuneration) and Banca Civica (eight ex-executives and former senior officials for alleged fraud offences in process of Caja Navarra merger, Caja Burgos, Caja Canarias and Caja Sol, institutional protection system that gave rise to Banca Civica, and in His later exit to bag.

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The crimes that are most repeated are those of swindling, falsifying accounts, misappropriation or unfair administration of unjustified increases in salaries, pension funds, multi-million dollar compensation without justification or use of a card Of company, black of Caja Madrid, for personal expenses.

Entities with AIDS

Most of expenses have come by accusations from anti-corruption office, which has received documents from Bank Orderly Restructuring Fund (FROB), public bailout fund for troubled entities. In fact, re is no manager of rest of old savings banks that did not receive taxpayers ' public aid.

In many cases, crime was committed by forcing financial institution to make a purchase, usually of land owned by managers mselves, for a much higher price than executives had paid. Automatically, operation brought benefits to managers and, after bubble prick, large losses to box.

The most striking case is that of black cards, which led to national audience has sentenced to sentences of between three months and six years in prison to 65 defendants. The greatest convictions were for former presidents of bank: six years for Miguel Blesa (deceased) and four and a half years for Rodrigo Rato, former vice-president of Government with PP, for a continued crime of misappropriation.


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