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Bankia raises a ERE of 2,510 workers by the merger with BMN

Unions expect the number of casualties to be reduced to about 1,800 employees after the negotiations

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Bankia raises a ERE of 2,510 workers by the merger with BMN

The management of Bankia has met this Monday with unions in framework of consultations before negotiation on file of regulation of Employment (ERE) that will undertake entity by merger of Bankia with Banco Mare Nostrum (BMN), entity dominated by Former Caja Murcia, which would affect some 2,510 workers.

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Specifically, 817 employees would correspond to central services of entity, while 1,118 would be office personnel, including territorial directorates. In addition, as trade union sources have explained, entity has raised need to dispense with anor 375 employees who are on voluntary leave for application of or ERE and to be incorporated on 1 January 2018, as well as or 200 posts Cut by effect of digitization.

However, sources of workers ' commissions, majority union, point out that y expect figure to be reduced to about 1,800 casualties because amount raised seems to m to be clearly excessive. They hope that when formal negotiations begin in January, casualties of different divisions can be realized and reduced. The Union of two entities will have a workforce of 17,376 employees, (13,472 of Bankia and 3,904 of BMN) so reduction of 2,510 represents 14.4% of total. The representatives of this Union point out that y have found that, although since January 2018, Bankia could re-open offices in places where it was forced to close m by imposition of European Commission, "now has no intention of reopening branches". Different managers of Bankia have commented on occasions that, with implementation of Digitalization bank, role of offices is very questioned.

Since UGT, second Union in relevance, commented that it is still early to negotiate economic conditions. However, this Union hopes that for departure of workers over 55 years, 80% of gross salary plus Social security fee will be offered up to legal retirement age. UGT recalls strong reduction that already accumulates both BMN and Bankia. The entity of Murcia came to have a workforce of 8,905 people and chaired by Jose Ignacio Goirigolzarri 20,005 workers. In total, 28,910 employees and now aspire to stay with 14,866, ie a reduction of 51.4% from maximum figures of end of 2012. In addition, union representatives want to claim approval of working conditions because Bankia's salaries are higher than those of BMN.

Definitive negotiation in January

Bankia has not detailed how many affected would come out of entity and how many would undergo geographic mobility. The period of previous consultations will be concluded next week, after which in January 2018 firm negotiation begins.

On December 15th, National Market and Competition Commission approved merger of Bankia with BMN, without any kind of condition, that is to say, y will have no limitation in its implantation in terms of network of offices and main banking businesses. The operation needs approval of European Central Bank (ECB) and administrative process of authorization of Secretary of State for economy. Both documents are expected shortly and without any inconvenience.

The merger is not yet a legal reality, but UGT already warned days ago that idea of bank "is to lose workforce in about 2,500 employees", as reported by country on Friday 15 December. So far, BMN (660 branches) has announced closure of 24 offices in December and will do same with 22 more by January 16.


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