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Before Germany the SPD

The Schulz party takes risks in negotiating a new great coalition, but also opportunities

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Before Germany the SPD
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The German Social Democratic Party is well aware that great coalitions such as ones that it has facilitated in past hurt minor partner, who does not usually capitalize on votes his sense of state in interests of country's governability. For this reason, but also by not granting German bidder category of Leader of opposition, Martin Schulz's SPD had rejected this time to negotiate with Merkel, which did not obtain in elections of September majority enough to govern.

This Thursday, however, first SPD Congress held after electoral bump — 20.5% of vote — decided to turn its promises and authorize Schulz to start negotiations with Merkel to Faciliciar a new great coalition. The decision is complex and risks: party's internal voices, especially youth, clamored to rebuild from opposition; The Chancellor is a specialist in making profitable successes of policies often promoted by SPD; And Ultrarightist AfD, who first burst into Bundestag with 5.8 million votes (12.6%) will get big speaker that is supposed to be first opposition party to ally first two.

The risks are refore large, although some opportunities also make ir way: Schulz intends to promote a major European programme that coincides with impulses of Macron in Paris and voices that demand greater integration. He also wants to influence in terms of immigration. And, above all, avoid cost of a repeat election for which voters can penalize you.

The tessitura is not easy, but SPD has opted to cling to opportunities and to sense of state in face of partisan interests. In look of long lights it is certainly also search for a model that tries to give new life to European social democracy, which lives very low hours beyond German border.

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