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Bitcoin, a adrift mine

The Criptomoneda reaches a value of $15,000 and analysts fear a short-term crash

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Bitcoin, a adrift mine

The bitcoin, best-known virtual currency, presents a serious risk of short-term monetary crash. The Criptomoneda had a quotation of only pennies in 2009; Today he is attributed a slightly higher value to $15,000 per unit. In past two years, 2,500% have been revalued — 40% in last week — a percentage that is ten times above threshold that monetary analysts consider to be a definite risk bubble; In addition, it suffers price fluctuations in short term that may well be defined as extreme volatility. There is a very high risk of collapse of bitcoin which, according to many economists, has a real value of zero. The bitcoin is today a mine adrift and almost all financial regulators warn against it.

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Bubble Menace (26/11/2017)

If re is finally a crash — discarded by defenders of currency — it is necessary for those affected to accept ir responsibility and not to resort to lamentations of rigour about absence of guarantees or regulation, because y are already warned. For an investor or saver, exorbitant speculative growth of an asset is usually a warning; If you also periodically produce sharp price fluctuations, warning becomes alarm. Despite such indications — and that few of those who market with Bitcoins know basis of currency, blockchain technology — some commercial chains and markets seem willing to admit bitcoin as a means of payment and investment.

There is no reason to refuse that means of payment for future is a virtual currency. If metal has passed to plastic, it can now be passed to bit. But any monetary system must have support and regulation. Some day monetary zones will emit ir own criptomoneda. But with state coverage and market guarantee. That's not case with bitcoin.

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