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Bitlis Black Hive Honey World was the third

Bitlis black Hive Honey, 600 competitors from 120 countries attended 45. The world was the third in the Apimondia beekeeping Congress.

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Bitlis Black Hive Honey World was the third

In category of Black Hive Honey, 3 selected Bitlilli Balci Ferhat received his award at ceremony held at Istanbul Congress Center on October 3rd. Last edited by 45. The Apimondia Beekeeping Congress stated that y were prepared in a humbling manner, Ersan Balcilik Aricilik limitet Company board Chairman Ferhat Ersan, 45. The organised Congress said it was hosted by Turkey.

  • Following Congress process closely, he stated that y were preparing preparations within 2-3-month process, "by exposing our Bitlis products re, first after tests passed, n Inspectors and auditors were checked. We were awarded third world with products we obtained from black casings. Of course, parameters were very important. The value of proline, humidity and pollen count in our fish were very important. In terms of wide flora diversity of our province, Bitlis's endemic plant species is quite large. We are proud to take third place with bronze medal in our country, hence Bitlis natural pekli black Hive honey. I thank all honeybees who contributed to it, "he said.

"Bitlis Snow is a beautiful nature phenomenon in terms of quality of our honey"

Ferhat Ersan, abdomen has increased quality of honey, he said:

"One of our most important features is diversity of flora in our region. There are many types of plants that are already identified in Latin. Bitlis's aroma, flavor and consistency of abdomen and soil that is falling in terms of importance of snow and minerals from soil of plant is reflected in flower, honey bees from that flower to compile and make honey Important scientific research. In terms of soil efficiency, it is also reflected in mining fields in Bitlis, as well as on soil beneath mines, although it is an academic event, but we have also gained a lot of clues. We think it has a huge impact on our honey, although it is not certain. "


"The events of terror affecting efficiency and diversity"

Ersan, referring to terrorist incidents in region, " fact that our plateaus and pastures are closed to beekeeping production sites because of events of terrorism, of course, is affecting efficiency at times. Beekeeping is a very demanding job, even if it seems like most cost-free product from nature. On diversity of Flora, it's impossible for us to do it on our own. This is normally a huge lack of history from past to present. This is one of issues that we are most suffering from. I was going to send a product to Denmark, asking me for a flora map of our region. This is not our duty, it is duty of environmental directorates and ministries. This is an essential situation for beekeepers. A few merit people like me can explain it, but "our honey is genuine," he said, "We need to explain it to people."


"We are trying to raise an image of a corrupt product in our country and in world"

  • Ferhat Ersan, referring to fake fishing case, "we are also faced with a situation like this. We're not just trying to raise an image of a corrupt product in our country, not all over world. Not only is re a struggle against this forgery in our country, whole world is struggling. Because honey is easiest food product to imitate in world. In this sense, business is falling into relevant institutions. Of course, we have a job for our people. The products y produce are morally reduced to ir duties. It has to be moral production. Everyone knows that in last two or three years, honey sales that have plagued agenda are not suitable for food reliability. Five jars of honey can be obtained from turkstat statistics on how much it costs to manufacturer, but unfortunately such an unfair gain is achieved. We have a call to Rtuk, of course, we are not against anyone's trade, but authorities are involved in this issue, "he said.

The governor of Bitlis and deputy Mayor Ismail Ustaoğlu, world third by accepting honey producer in office, Bitlis and Turkey in best way represented by thanking him with gold. In sense of beekeeping and fishing, state of all kinds of support is always given to m and after that, Ustaaoglu, "our company is most important honey production in our country. We brag, but aside from all of this, yesterday in beekeeping Congress representing our province and our country, Ferhat Ersan was regarded as best third honey in world of our sister. "


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