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Blockade in RTVE

Parties must reach a pact that leads to plural and independent public media

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Blockade in RTVE

The inability to agree on renewal of Board of directors and presidency of RTVE is anor example of paralysis that afflicts Congress of Deputies. Five months ago law was reformed to regain independence of radio and public television and pluralism in parliamentary election of ir organs and not one millimeter has progressed.

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The parties have castled in formula to designate leadership of RTVE and result is an unwanted immobility. The law provides that candidates are elected through a public tender and have approval of two-thirds of parliament. If first vote did not reach that support, second would only require an absolute majority and support of at least half of groups.

This system guarantees broad consensus. But more than a month ago deadline was legally marked to design framework of competition without parliamentary groups — in a symptom of carelessness, apathy or partisan calculus — to move token. The law, however, envisages unblocking situation by using current procedure before reform of last September. That is to say, stepping back and using formula imposed by PP in 2012, which only requires absolute majority to appoint president of RTVE.

The lawyers of lower house have recommended this system, but tables of Congress and Senate yesterday added a new failure to seal a pact. They have returned ball to parliamentary groups, some strongly entrenched in ir positions. The intransigence of citizens, who defends contest to Cape and Sword, is a renewal in RTVE that is urgent. If one wants a plural and independent public means parties must agree without vetoes in backpack.

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