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Bonito upset mackerel Delights

The Marmara fisherman, who opened the boat on 1 September, was delighted with the mackerel attached to the nets when the first month of the season was not found waiting for the acorn....

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Bonito upset mackerel Delights
Bonito sad Mackerel Delights Introduction Date: 4.10.2017 11:18 date of renovation: 4.10.2017 11:18 In first month of season, Marmara fisherman, who opened sea on 1 September, was happy with mackerel, who was stuck in nets when he couldn't expect acorn.

Balikesir Seafood Hunters producer Union Chairman Nihat Ikram, AA correspondent, said that hunting season that began on September 1 did not have level y wanted.

The light that expressed Hamam and Palamutun, "We did not find what we hoped of anchovies known as dry beans of sea. We can't say very well for Black Sea like Marmara. We have an increase in sardines. We had a surprise in Uskumruda, years later, Nets saw mackerel, fisherman's face made a laugh, "he said.

Palamutta also emphasized that re was a very large decline in last year, "The sea water temperature increased abnormally this summer. I hope fish will become more and more after storm we call black chestnut. "

Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality in September, amount of acorns from 220 thousand to 14 thousand 500 pairs, anchovy from 11 thousand 500 to 5,000 to 5 thousand 300 in vault of Light, Sardine 4 thousand 300 to 11 thousand 500 chassis, 2 thousand 3 A thousand 200 in vault.

The light, which was never worn in September last year, first year of season of Uskurm, stating that 3 thousand 300 cases were captured, "in September of last year 40 lira, vault of anchovies, which was 100 lira this season. A pair of 10 lira, acorn is now between 25 and 30 pounds, "he said.

-"We have hope of Hamsiden"

Erdek Water Products Cooperative President Ali Demiray also expressed joy of mackerel in Marmara Sea, Palamutun sad, "before Black Sea, anchovies appeared in Marmara. We have hope of Hamsiden. When water cools, fish are collected, captured amount increases. "

Yalova Water Products Fishermen Cooperative Chairman Erdal Handshakes said that last decade was best season of past decade, and this month will occur in October, wher fish abound.

The wear is not good for both fish abundance and hunting, emphasizing handshake, " acorn was not supposed to be. The acorn has a little bit of a horizon, and we're waiting for some nice things to happen. There's some kind of fish, but acorn's waiting, folks. We are hopeful that Palamudun will be in 10-15 days. Last year was plenty of acorn, this year re will be plenty of or fishes, "he said.


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