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Brave askon period has officially begun

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Brave askon period has officially begun
Entry period has officially begun in brave askon date: 16.9.2017 14:49 Anatolian lions businessmen's Association (ASKON), 10. Ordinary general meeting was held. Nearly all of voting delegates in General Assembly, taking game Brave askon Hasan Ali became President.

Anatolian lions businessmen's Association (ASKON) 10. Annual general meeting was held at haliç Congress Center.

The current president of askon Mustafa husband of delegates voting at General Assembly after President, nearly all of which will determine Hasan Ali became new chairman of askon Brave in game.

after General Meeting's new president, Hasan Ali made a thank you speech as one of your goals in new era askon askon brave; ' local and national, and fully fill out this position to concept of regional and global projects, partnerships and brands, is said to be a collection of businessmen who could find. The president also askon brave new era, future of country in line with mission and work that will continue to produce qualified project ideas for raporlastirara also gave information to share with public.

Hasan Ali, who is Brave?

in previous period by opening to world of external relations is responsible for contributing to askon Vice worked. Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty Of Engineering, graduated with honors in electrical and electronic engineering. Has held senior engineering and managerial positions in private sector. As my duty as a soldier, Ensign completed. Brave and who knows fluent English and intermediate German married far of three children. Hasan Ali also Brave electrical, electronic and robotic products companies he is Chairman of Board of Directors.


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