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Breaking the Generalitat

The unity of the Democrats will prevent the ' President ' Torra from violating the law

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Breaking the Generalitat

Against what Secessionism proclaims, its objective is not to recover institutions of self-government of Catalonia. Backwards. Its purpose is to represent only a part of citizenry, which still believes in disobedience, illegality and fait accompli. What translates into an absolute contempt for institutions of Generalitat, which should be common and valid for all.

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In this way, President-elect, and Mr. De Torra, assumes his temporary character, his lack of legitimacy, his dependence on Carles Puigdemont: How will he affirm his authority? Thus, no sovereignty chista when former president escaped imposes, without competence, a five-month limit to government if it does not reap desired result.

Thus, Parlament outsourcing and exports its tasks to agencies as a fatua assembly of elected officials; Or a free space of Europe and an illegal and quirky Council of Republic; Or entrust to agitation organizations nothing less than a constituent process.

The institutional prestige of Generalitat had never been broken. Those who occupy it today despise its meaning: to represent everyone and to govern for all, not for Soliviantadas minorities. Those of hollow (only diminutive decreases it) leave it as a set suspended in void, with deep legitimacy as an expendable caricature.

The investiture also designs weak organisms, a majority of government subjected to sapwood of a thousand whims. The abstention of CUP does not translate into a pact of legislature. The confusion of Esquerra de Pere Aragonese between republicanista emotion and legalistic imperative has gripped in paralysis.

And claim to broaden foundations of independence — with toilsome campaigns disguised as seduction — have placed group more inclined to se siren chants, Commons of Xavier Doménech, on opposite bank of Secessionism.

All those setbacks — to which re is some (even weaker) hint of greater opposition — augur a legislature between mediocre and catastrophic, although we will have to wait for first signs of government in making, and avoid both paralysis and precipitation In answer.

The position of government of Mariano Rajoy, calling main leaders of opposition, is a necessary action and welcome because in no way can political forces that defend Constitution divide to reemergence of challenge Sovereignty representing Torra.

But unity of constitutionalists, in addition to Visibilizarse, must materalizarse in a firm and indispensable commitment: to mark politically and administratively each and every one of first steps of new executive of Torra to prevent The dangerous rhetoric of this formula acquires slightest semblance of reality.

It is up to all of us to continue to ensure, each within scope of its powers and in accordance with its capacities, that institutions of self-government will not be used to repeal statute, that rights of Catalan citizens will not be trampled and that Spain will remain a rule of law where no one is above law.

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