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Breaking the Silence

The signs of involution in the macho violence force to extreme the guard

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Breaking the Silence

The International Day against Gender violence coincides with 20th anniversary of death of Ana Oranes. On December 17, 1997, 13 days after having denounced in public a life of beatings and ill-treatment, her husband sprayed it with gasoline and set fire to him. The case blew spigot of a reality until n buried in Chronicle of events under heading of crime of passion.

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In se 20 years, visibility has been given to a problem that has proved to be much more serious and more extensive than was believed. As sample, data of 2016:44 women murdered, 142,000 denunciations, 14,000 parts of injuries, 42,000 women in Registry of victims and 15,800 condemned men. From 2003 to about a thousand women have been killed by violence that in many cases has also reached children, when far kills m to get revenge on woman. Karina, a pregnant woman killed in Vinaròs, is victim 45 this year.

The society has reacted with legislative measures such as comprehensive law of Gender violence (2005), Equality (2007) and now, with a state pact that must remedy deficiencies observed. But we are far from objectives and growing concern about emergence of signs of involution in social perception.

The polls show a spike in macho attitudes among young people, like that 27.4% of teenagers who believe that violence in couple is natural or 33% who believe that jealousy is a test of love. To this we must add challenging activism of neomachistas sectors that try to discredit public policies of equality with falsehoods, such as myth of fictitious allegations or attempts to characterize feminism as a totalitarian ideology that Seek subjugation of men.

Macho culture is constantly reappearing, as has occurred in trial against five accused of a multiple violation in fiestas of San Fermin, whose defense has tried to criminalize victim and cast doubts about his behavior. It is not victim who has to prove that he is not guilty.

Gender-based violence has been revealed as a resilient phenomenon that must continue to be fought with more resources and better educational and preventive strategies, taking into account that problem is not limited to murders and ill-treatment within couple.

In recent months an even more hidden reality has emerged which leaves no public trace and is difficult to prove: sexual harassment. It is exercised by men who use power to obtain sexual favors and women who denounce it do not always leave well stops. The campaign Metoo has managed to break silence and can mark a change as important as it was in its day case of Ana Oranes. This is not a problem of private sphere of people, but of a public matter on which to intervene.

The Istanbul Convention, signed by Spain in 2014, places violence against women as a violation of human rights and marks guidelines to follow. The extent of problem and signs of involution force vigilance and redouble efforts.

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