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Burgos: "The common effort that has allowed the pension in Catalonia are paid on time"

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Burgos: "The common effort that has allowed the pension in Catalonia are paid on time"

The Government ensures that pensions will pay State "from first day," because y are a "contractual right"

The secretary of State for Social Security, Tomás Burgos, said Thursday that it has been " common effort of all spaniards that has allowed (in recent years) pensions in Catalonia are paid on time as in rest of Spain".

With se compelling statements, Burgos responds to report submitted yesterday by Government, which ensures that pension system exclusive to Catalonia would be "more solid and more viable than current one", despite fact that it would be in deficit.

According to Burgos, "which guarantees right of citizens to receive ir pensions is a Social Security stable, strong, and supportive as one we have in Spain". Above all, he added, in Catalonia "where gap between revenues and expenditure on pensions has not grown in recent years."

it is worth remembering that system pays on a monthly basis more than 9.5 million pensions, of which more than 1.7 million are from Catalonia.

The responsible of Ministry of Employment and Social Security, he also took opportunity to launch a message to pensioners catalans. "This Government," he said sharply, "it's not going to allow pensioners of Catalonia to be held hostage to any fantasy of independence".

Burgos was very critical of report of government because it intended to hold that "it is good for pensioners catalans to break Single Box and Spanish Social Security".

The Catalan government unveiled on Wednesday a report that ensures that social benefits would be guaranteed in a hypotical Catalan State. Under argument that all economic indicators and labour market show that it will maintain recovery, Government argues that balance of budget system in Catalonia will be reached in spring of 2018, as stated by councillor for Labour and Social Affairs, Dolors Bassa, informs Mary Teresa Coca.

In report, according to technicians of departments of Labor and Economy, in 2016, total income and expenditure of Social Security in Catalonia is presented a deficit of 1.308 million, andl 7.2% of total of Spain-which stood at 18.096 million - as a percentage less than weight of 16% of Catalan population. The calculations of government are far from those made by Social Security that code in 4.900 billion in deficit of system in Catalonia, and that Government attributed to use of a different methodology.


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