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But who puedeahorrar in real Spain?

More than 6 million people have salaries lower than the minimum wage and there are other 2.3 million mileuristas; Almost 8.5 million of Spaniards lack savings margin

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But who puedeahorrar in real Spain?

Mariano Rajoy, president of Government, is best demonstration that re are universes that overlap in time and space, but that are not connected to each or; They don't even see or touch each or. Rajoy, Montoro, De Guindos and Báñez inhabit a macro-economic universe whose spatio structure is aggregate statistics. "Increase growth, lower unemployment, increases employment" is all y need to know to give for good that Real universe lives in best possible world. Reality is pleated in modules of repetitive euphoria hueros of meaning. In that universe, any expectation of real economic reform has been replaced by verbal rhetoric of reforms; And in that universe, president of government can admonish Spaniards of Real universe, "noble but childish" minds (Thanks, Manolo Morán), to increase private savings as a complement to public pensions.

But in Real universe, today's Spain, structure of space-time is quite different. More than six million people fight against reality with wages lower than minimum wage; In addition, re are anor 2.3 million of Mileuristas, a little above SMI, so that 8.4 million of Spaniards lack possibility of that savings that are magically encouraged from Macro universe. It could also be explained that profitability of a pension fund is so low (2.56% last year) that it does not encourage savings of those who will need it in ir retirement; Its most appreciable advantage is fiscal — for incomes from 60,000 euros per annum, current tax relief will always be higher than taxation burden that is imposed at time of perception of saved capital. It turns out that those who really need complement at end of ir working life lack incentive to save... even if y could.

Let's continue with description of that real Spain. We might recall that in last ten years number of busy people has fallen by 1,357,000, much-exalted recovery has not yet managed to reach pre-crisis level of occupation. Or that rate of temporality of contracts (27.4%) is not only highest in Europe but gap of temporality with Europe has not stopped increasing since 2012 (9.2 points five years ago; 13.7 points, last year). Or that for every stall that reduced unemployment in 2017, 74 contracts were made. Or that sum of unemployed of long duration plus those of without previous employment sums already 53.4, 1% of total (i.e., that re is a cystic structure of unhoped palates). Or that beneficiaries of unemployment benefits plummet (2,162,000 in 2015; 1,901,000 in 2017, and falling). And so on.

Adorno evoked sadly: "Once it was called politics to conscious, independent and critical effort to institute, through ideas and action, more dignified and no more unworthy social relations". In Spain today is called politics to art of detaching itself from viscose reality as if it were anor universe.

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