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Catalan Esperpento

The withdrawal of Puigdemont and its demand for virtual Presidency is urgent

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Catalan Esperpento

The independence effort to invest president of Catalonia to Carles Puigdemont even if it is telematically is a grotesque flight forward. In absence of constructive proposals to govern Catalonia, Puigdemont and his followers opt to raise tension in probably erroneous perception that world will cry scandalized against oppressor Spanish State, able to prevent a President Autonomous democratically elected to step on its own territory unless it is enclosed in gates.

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As much as ingenuity is sharpen, as ERC claims, or parliamentary regulations are twisted, as defends Junts per Catalunya, investiture by delegation or telematics of Puigdemont is contrary to both law and most basic common sense. Its achievement would be, above all, a discredit not for state that tried to prevent it, but for those politicians willing to turn Catalonia into a huge circus. It would be fun if it weren't for gravity of everything at stake.

The former president Puigdemont has become worst enemy for future of Catalonia. Ensoberbecido by result obtained on December 21st — although it failed to be most voted list — its demand to revalidate its position without returning to Spain has only one virtue: to divide radical independence and confront its contradictions. Oriol Junqueras's arguments to get out of jail and to be able to exercise his work in Parliament would be worthless if deputy and President of Government could, at same time, exercise his functions without his physical presence in institutions. Puigdemont does not seem aware of distance he has established between his reality and that of those who, embarked on same secessionist adventure, have faced weight of law. The most sonorous negatives to be lent to his game have been so far those of Carme Forcadell and Carles Mundó's.

Catalonia needs to get rid of Puigdemont and its outrageous proposals. The votes cannot guarantee him or any politician of impunity before law, which he has consciously violated and seeks to continue to violate. On 21 December re was a result that allowed independence parties to form government and have legitimate right to try. But obviously y have to do it with scrupulous respect for law. It is amazing to have to remember this elemental principle to those who intend to govern a democratic country.

Yesterday, in a new attempt to get out of jail, three of prison leaders emphasized ir abandonment of unilateral way and ir promise to do politics by legal channels. These are projects that contrast vividly with Puigdemont's fantasies of becoming first virtual president of history of Western parliamentarism. ERC has promised that re will soon be government in Catalonia. It will be, in all logic, independence. Going to or elections is a risk that block cannot afford. His first work should be to restore self-government and provide a minimum of stability to Catalonia in face of such tricky and grotesque ambition. Their economy, ir democracy and ir image are at stake.

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