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Catalans: What if the irrelevance awaits you?

The words of Puigdemont fit more and better in spaces of humor while those who count turn their backs to Catalonia

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Catalans: What if the irrelevance awaits you?

When one travels from special envoy to a conflict, one of most reliable sources of information is obviously coverage in good newspapers. That is why biggest surprise that this journalist experienced in covering peace process in Ulster was to clash again and again with indifference of British and Irish Press, which dedicated to advances and regressions small columns hidden or that consecrated to umpteenth ir Self Government Pension a sad skirt on page two. In those days, leaders of Sinn Fein formerly feared as Gerry Adams or Martin Mc Guinness received you with open arms and gave interviews that seemed succulent to journalists who approached us to Stormont, palace of power in Norrn Ireland, as Also unionist leaders like that angry Reverend Ian Paisley.

Everyone was happy that someone came to listen to m. Because echo y found re was, day after day, more ground zero, actually. And when this reporter asked colleagues, ordinary citizens, or family members of one side and or, why that indifference to something so extraordinary — later deserved Nobel Peace Prize — answer used to be same: "We are fed up." "They've done us a lot of damage."

Carles Puigdemont also gives interviews to anyone who puts an artichoke in front, especially foreign press and Catalan affine. But, saving all distances with Irish affair, ir statements are so cansinas that y increasingly fit in mood programs rar than information.

The most pressing reality is that tourists start to turn ir backs on Catalonia as companies have done before and — let us not deceive — neir will be willing to return. The radars in global world change very easily of orientation, trains pass and what is lost, like dream or love without realising, is not usually recovered. Soon or destinations emerge, more fertile land to do business or have fun and fidelity to those levels does not exist. The attention will have flown.

The independenceists continue se days ir dialectical struggle to appear coherent where re is not. Or to find an audience. Puigdemont and his list continue to defend that president is him although ERC is not very much in agreement. At times it aligns with ultraright anti-european and at times remembers that Europe is its destiny in universal. Junqueras writes Pobrísimas love letters that only give pity or shame to ors and even Pilar Rahola decrees that Europe is a shit. Sometimes atrocities don't even find an echo in press.

At this time, someone in ir ranks should land and fall into account that next step to this is silence, irrelevance or national and international indifference. Out of boredom, for damage, for dignity, or because y won't find anyone who listens to m.

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