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Catalonia does not stop

With the 155 the constitutionalism should supplement the paralysis secessionist

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Catalonia does not stop

At same time that Carles Puigdemont and his circle are losing all or cognitive capacity, ir partners of Esquerra tread more hard reality. And y seek to avoid evils such as multiplication of imprisonment for rebellion or disobedience, for example to President of Parliament, Roger Torrent. This yesterday short-circuited rhetorical spree of those of Brussels by aborting anor investiture of fugitive fiction through change (also illegal) of law of presidency.

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With this pirouette, iron control of TV-3 and or juggling, independence is shown every day more quartered. But at same time it controls agenda, monopolizes initiative and occupies all public space in Catalonia. At cost, of course, of conducting politics to paralysis and endlessly prolonging intervention of Generalitat by central government. The facts, and not speeches, reveal that most fanatical supporters of 155 are secessionists: it saves m responsibilities and feeds ir ravings, lamentations and False grievances... while y continue to collect from Treasury.

But that y have paralyzed Generalitat does not imply that Catalonia should suffer it, it resigns to give for irretrievable lost time and to squander its dynamism, as entrepreneurs emphasize. The Government and sensible forces must take initiative, assuming that transitional stage of intervention has served Catalans correctly and honestly, with exception of TV-3 brutality. This requirement is emphasized for first party, citizens, and its leader Inés Arrimadas, who must exert greater influence, even if it is not posing as president.

The Constitutionalist forces must be imaginative and launch proposals. To keep gaps from ending up becoming holes. Because principle of subsidiarity not only acts in favour of lower-ranking administration, but also of which it can exercise a task more efficiently. Because Democratic power is legitimized by its legal exercise, and also by results it reaps.

A single government minister, owner of Fomento, Íñigo de la Serna, has ejemplarizado how this can be carried out: his proposal to incorporate Girona aerodrome as a transcontinental terminal of prat airport, and its financial plan to eight years Vista is Key. It must benefit Catalans, dynamize economy, reinforce Catalan-Spanish complicity and counteract monopoly of tedious discourse and dominant catastrophic.

The government today governs Catalonia: that it governs it in effect, with support of citizens. Don't you want independence to prolong 155? Prolónguese making decisions. There is no obstacle to light up plans for outstanding infrastructure (railways, roads, Mediterranean corridors), covering different levels of governance, and or matters of interest.

Parties and experts from different fields should be involved. We do not have to wait for Parliament to wake up from nightmares and decoys of its most rocked sector. Parties can act in working groups, varied platforms and with alternative proposals. And to show that if separatism rejects self-government by autonomous channel, re are ors willing to assume that vacancy. No one is essential.

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