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Catalonia, the danger is still there

21-D must oust anti-European and anti-democratic secession

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Catalonia, the danger is still there

Although polls predict a serious setback for separatism in Catalan elections next Thursday day 21, risk is still very high.

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The main thing is that a sector of citizenship has not yet realized enormous risk that would lead to a triumph of independence bloc. It would aggravate everything: social fracture, economic crisis, loss of well-being, institutional deterioration and European stigmatization.

Anor major danger to recovery of legal certainty and political stability is peculiar conception of democracy of (frayed) bloc of secessionists. His last trick is of enormous cynicism: y want ors if y will respect results, even call m to resign if y do not win. But y do not undertake to respect m if y lose.

The Ventajismo is clear: if y win, y will say y have received a blank cheque; If y lose insinuate more or less surreptitiously y will challenge result, alleging peculiar circumstances of this summons, only due to fugitive Carles Puigdemont failed to fulfill his commitment to summon m and preferred to flee from himself and to feign a Ridiculous exile.

The recipe for combating this abuse is threefold: to denounce this intoxication maneuver, inquirirles for its respect for rules of game and call for maximum participation, which will also maximize existing legitimacy.

It is appropriate to underline Torticero character of this requirement of secessionists. They have not respected any law, not even statute, which y repealed through a parliamentary coup. They crushed rights of opposition (ie, more than half of Catalonia) in hemicycle of Ciutadella. They politically distorted a "plebiscitaria" election (which y lost as such a plebiscite, in popular votes) in a "democratic mandate" for secession and chaos.

The populist and radical drift of once-moderate nationalist leaders has placed m — by ir own choice and will — alongside or continental populists: toger with far-right Italian Lega; Along with Flemish party directly heir to most unfortunate racist dictatorships of 1930s; Along with xenophobic Lepenismo and or anti-European extremists.

With two striking differences against him: none of populists of Community Europe have tried to bring down brave constitutional framework in which y live; No one has questioned results of any electoral call when y have lost, nor ir cleanliness.

By Antieuropean proclamations of Puigdemont himself (nuanced, without credibility, by his propaganda apparatus) and by placing himself in most extreme pole of his ultra colleagues, leadership of secessionism — anor thing is his followers still in good faith — has been Devoid of ir ancient European and democratic heritage.

As its roadmap and its proposals have already failed and lack any or, y only have discourse of denial of or, opportunism anti-democratic, invectives against everything Spanish, rabies. Complete moral misery.

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