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CC OO and UGT reject unilateral measures to resolve the Catalan crisis

Both Centrals claim a meeting between Rajoy and Puigdemont and that the 155 is not the only option of the central government

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CC OO and UGT reject unilateral measures to resolve the Catalan crisis

UGT and CC OO have claimed not to resort to "unilateral measures" to resolve Catalan crisis. The majority trade unions, in a joint communiqué issued on Thursday, have called for a diálogada solution and have demanded that central government not opt for application of article 155 of Constitution "as only answer" to situation. They have even asked Mariano Rajoy and Carles Puigdemont not to discard before reaching that point an "urgent meeting" to seek a "rerouting of conflict".

Throughout text, two centrals expose ir view of situation in six points. Before y ask government of Mariano Rajoy "that actions that are carried out from Government of Spain to face situation must be provided, and that to favor a negotiated solution should be waived unilateral measures."

In first one y denounce that actions of Catalan Parliament of past 6 and 7 of September "are clearly located out of Constitution and of Statute". However, y also reject " political inaction of government and trust everything to legal and police response" because it implies, in his opinion, "an irresponsible strategy that has desmotrado absolutely counterproductive."

Both organizations believe that response of President Carles Puigdemont this Thursday to Rajoy is clear that "last October 10 did not declare independence of Catalonia." However, y also point out that it is not best way to "say it by finishing letter with a more or less veiled threat."

Faced with this situation, CC OO and UGT come to ask Rajoy not to apply 155 or, at least, is not " only reply from government" to announcement of Council of Ministers of next Saturday, which envisages activation of this constitutional mechanism. The trade union option goes on to "speed up narrow margins to procure a negotiated departure without dismissing an urgent meeting" of both presidents.

The text concludes with claim to "negotiate a political solution whose framework should be a constitutional reform in which, toger with issues of a social nature, rights and freedoms, a new configuration of state of federal character is regulated".


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