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Chain of Deceits

Europe and the flight of companies destroy the Mirage secessionist

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Chain of Deceits
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  • A web of Deception in Catalonia

The independence has built illusion of Catalonia's economic viability on a floor of deceit, half truths and risky assumptions that facts are dismantling day after day. The basic pillars of economic dream of independence no longer hold for longer: neir Brussels can accept an independent Catalonia integrated into euro — in event of secession, it would become, without furr, a third country, with subsequent increase in Their products in European markets — nor could y participate in European Economic Area without unanimity of member countries, nor would y be able to sustain satisfactory public funding, with a debt rating currently at level of junk bond and without Prospects for improvement after secession.

It is very difficult to avoid impression that sovereignty discourse is sweetening at discretion of reality of Catalonia to keep to Catalan voters blatant deceit of an independent republic prosperous and happily unpregnant of dead weight of Spain. The recent report of Generalitat (La situation de l'economía en un est catalá) is a summary of economic misrepresentation and apriorismos that negate reality. Neir Catalan GDP is equal to that of Denmark, nor exceeds European average in 14.5% (only in 7%) nor independent Treasury would raise 24 billion more. Well in sight is that collection would probably plummet, due to expulsion effect of companies and slowdown due to fall in consumption and activity derived from uncertainty.

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The contrasting facts (impossible to continue in EU, massive change of seat of Catalan companies, more than 1,300, which in many cases, as in one of La Caixa, will be forever) should be sufficient for independence politicians to leave Discourse of a ghostly viability. Seat's probable change of venue would also have very serious consequences for employment. Even admitting that any European region would be viable in long term if it were to become independent, what matters is not abstract viability, but volume of transition costs — unassumable by Catalan economy — and how citizens ' income would remain in The Independent Republic. In view of effects of secession on Catalan trade balance and its financial capacity, it seems obvious that per capita GDP would suffer from an acute and rapid contraction.

The deceit of a richer Catalonia if it is rid of rest of Spain (a derogatory and supremacist discourse towards whole country) has intellectuals, installed in Generalitat and in Catalan institutions. Also in support groups that facilitate economic narcotics of an independent Catalan Arcadia, capable of "redesigning institutions and rules of game", which is released from an inadequate Spanish institutional framework to generate Wealth "based on productive activity". With se and or falsehoods Catalan citizens are deceived. The embuste will continue as long as secessionist economic lies are not contrasted with implacable reality of Europe and companies.

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