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Changes in labor reform: the sectoral agreement will prevail over that of enterprise for salaries

The government wants to return to the sectoral collective agreements — State, regional, or provincial — the power they had before the PP reform in 2012

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Changes in labor reform: the sectoral agreement will prevail over that of enterprise for salaries

Making necessity virtue, government raises that it wants to make a new statute of workers in medium or long term, and waives to repeal all labor reform of 2012. The objective is very ambitious, so much so that President of government, Pedro Sánchez, and Minister of Labour, Magdalena Valerio, have doubts that this legislature can be achieved. But meanwhile y intend to make partial changes in this reform, so marked by PSOE since opposition. And some of those modifications are in key points. One of m is to return to sectoral collective agreements — State, regional, or provincial — lost prominence six years ago.

"It is proposed to regain power of collective bargaining. The application priority of enterprise agreements must be limited. The business agreement is susceptible not to faithfully reflect necessary balance, "proclaimed Minister of Labour in her appearance before Committee on Employment of Congress.

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In particular, intention of executive, clarified sources of work, would be that what was agreed by trade unions and employers on wages and working days (number of hours to work each year) in sectoral areas was above what was agreed in sine of companies. In this area re would be internal organization issues, such as timetables, shifts and or elements of working conditions.

Parliamentary support

Will it be able to carry this measure forward? In response of several groups of parliamentary groups it was seen that it could muster necessary support with ease. For example, both toger we can as PDeCAT, ERC and PNV came to say that y liked proposal.

It is not only change that plans to do work if it achieves necessary parliamentary support. It also wants law to ensure validity of expired conventions until y are renewed. This would also mean a return to pre-2012 regulation, which limited this automatic extension, technically known as ultraactivity, to one year. "We intend to return ultraactivity according to jurisprudence and what is included in wage pact," Valerio said, referring to what UGT, CC OO, CEOE and Cepyme have agreed, which is exactly that: to maintain validity of conventions as long as re are negotiations for renovation.

All of Valerio's ads on collective bargaining were on same line: returning labor relations strength to unions, which lost part of it in 2012. It would deepen anor of announcements made: to hinder hangings or breaches of se conventions. These would also be conditional on maintenance of employment and its viability.

In addition, work has pointed out that it seeks to take advantage of invitation of social agents in wage pact to change regulation of subcontracting in Spain, article 42 of Workers ' Statute, and to avoid that through it precarice employment. And re he pointed to one of propositions of law that presented PSOE almost two years ago as one of instruments that could be used to develop legal changes.

Quality of employment

Valerio's intervention affected an element that he had already emphasized in previous public interventions: "It is basic to create employment — he recalled that Spain still has one of highest unemployment rates in OECD — but as basic as creating it is that it is of quality , stable and with rights. " It put focus on part-time and temporary contracts.

With latter, he said that his intention is to increase what shorter contracts, a week or less, which now comprise one in four of those signed, to discourage ir abuse. It would be that se not only listed by real basis that y should, ie, that se contracts also pay for equivalent periods of paid vacations, rest periods paid and extra pay that are generated with m. On changes in recruitment to fight against storm, he spoke of an old recipe: recovering causality in temporary recruitment. In or words: temporary employment is justified. One point in which it was forcefully stopped was in false self-employed: "We must watch and unmask". Valerio pointed out this fraud as a way to "flee labor discipline."

A subisidio to unprepared with more than 52 years

Magdalena Valerio proclaimed on Tuesday her intention to regain subsidy for unemployed persons over 52 years. This existed until 2012, but was eliminated with July cuts of that year. It rose to 55 years. On aid to long-term unprepared, he said that he intended to make a pact with communities this month.


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