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Chaos and confusion

Puigdemont disallows itself while the sovereignty is divided

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Chaos and confusion
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  • Catalonia: Chaos and confusion

In anor grotesque day that demonstrates to what extent sovereignty has hit bottom, President Puigdemont yesterday submitted citizenship to anor exercise of political tightrope.

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Called media in three different schedules with contradictory messages about content of ads that would move to public opinion, Puigdemont opted, once again, for flooding empty rhetoric, half truths and falsehoods Gross. But, above all, again, he sought to gain time and move responsibility to anor institution — Parlament —.

It is radically false, as president pointed out, that he has exhausted all avenues of dialogue: His failure to appear in Senate, which was to take place at very moment he uttered his speech, is most recent example of dialogue — as understood by President — it can only be about forcing state to accept Catalonia's independence, wher by good or bad.

It also lacks Puigdemont truth when it characterizes article 155 of Constitution as an illegal and authoritarian aggression that aims to end self-government: once again, obvious president is his challenge to Constitution, statute and sentences of Constitutional those that motivate recourse to an article that all democratic constitutions include, precisely to treat cases like that that we are living in Catalonia.

Nor can his inveterate appeal to civilisation of independence movement be ignored. Violating laws, forcing democratic norms, breaking coexistence and, above all, trying to deprive millions of Catalans illegally of ir citizenship and rights and ir legitimate political representatives is far from constituting a civic and Exemplary.

The heap of nonsense behind a grim and menacing speech does not end re. The call for autonomous elections is, without a doubt, a prerogative of president. Which of course has to be given within law and, naturally, within constitutional order; No, as Puigdemont seeks, as an element in his strategy of constant blackmail to state.

The chaos and confusion generated by Puigdemont aims, in last extreme, division existing in its ranks. The sovereignty, which forms a strange amalgam of antisystem radicals and street movements with traditional political parties like Convergència — today PDeCAT — and Republican Republic, has consummated its failure: it has fractured society, has put Companies, has not achieved any international support and, to culminate, is about to trigger application of article 155 with consensus of three major parliamentary forces — PP, PSOE and Citizens —.

Puigdemont is mistaken for questioning PP and pointing it as responsible for situation in which we live. It is state and its institutions, in full use of ir constitutional faculties and on behalf of citizens and ir rights, which is now more than ever prepared to act to restore constitutional order to chaos sown by sovereignty.

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