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Children raping children

Hypersexualization, free bar of pornography and poor sex education play against children

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Children raping children

It is much easier to talk about collective rapes when y happen on a bus from India and we can agree that leap from misery to Internet age in underdeveloped societies generates difficult-to-control dysfunctions. The free bar of pornography in that country of sexist tradition and without sexual revolution is difficult to assimilate. This was analyzed by most interesting press in India and not clergy of any church or owners of any truth. The difficult — creepy — is analyzing what happens when collective rape takes place in recess of a Spanish school at hands of 12-to 14-year-olds and victim is a small of just nine. As a first reaction, you want to summon finest Indian analysts.

But it happened. The juvenile prosecutor's office investigates alleged rape of a child by four of ESO's colleagues at a school in Sierra de Cazorla, in Jaén. The victim had suffered months of harassment and instead of making simple divisions with remains, distinguishing pyramid cones or separating names of pronouns under protection of his teachers, as befits a child of his age, was suffering a penetration A.

It already overwhelmed our capacity of astonishment to know cases of child abuse by religious paedophiles who have whipped Catholic Church in many countries, also Spain. Then y overflowed cases of collective rape like one lived in Pamplona in 2016. Now we simply do not find or how or where to fit ones we have known of minors who rape minors. Neir on moral level nor on judicial level, since those under 14 years of age are not even imputable.

The professionals who deal with harassment alert that age of victims has been advanced (now y are 8 or 9 years old, when y were mainly teenagers) and cases have multiplied. Nor do we know if rape of a minor by several minors in Barakaldo or this child in a school in Jaén are isolated cases or an alarm signal of a more widespread problem. But we do know that hypersexualization that floods advertising, wide accessibility to pornography by children and scarce or null sexual education leaves learning in hands of ors, hands interested, sometimes perverted and without easy parental control.

The young French writer Edouard Louis told crudely in 2014 rapes that he suffered as a child in a highly recommended book: To finish with Eddy Bellegueule (Salamandra). His autobiography was a bestseller and a fuze that launched thousands of similar allegations that came to him by letter. In 2015, in an interview in Babelia, he gave us an answer that might serve to give us clues of what we fail to comprehend: "The violence I have known is not responsibility of those who exercised it, but produced by ir own exclusion." In addition to protecting victim in highest term, it is urgent to study what has failed socially so that four colleagues from a school in Jaén have preferred to harass and rape him to play with ball.

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