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Chile does justice with Victor Jara and its history

45 years later, eight retired soldiers are condemned for the murder of the Troubadour of the Allende revolution

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Chile does justice with Victor Jara and its history

Justice is slow, sometimes exasperatingly calm, but it almost always appears. Those responsible for criminal acts that ended life of Víctor Jara have reached verdict 45 years after kidnapping and murder of who is considered troubadour of socialist revolution of Salvador Allende. Eight retired soldiers have been declared this week guilty of a crime committed a few days after coup d'etat of Augusto Pinochet of September 11, 1973. This was beginning of a dictatorship in which some 3,200 Chileans were killed at hands of State agents, of whom 1,192 are still listed as missing detainees. Anor 33,000 were tortured and imprisoned for political reasons, and tens of thousands were exiled.

The trial, which has needed years of research and infinite perseverance, overcame multiple obstacles. Finally, culprits of death of Víctor Jara and Littré Quiroga, a lawyer and director of prisons at time, have been sentenced to 18 years in prison. In addition, Chilean state must indemnify family of composer, teacher and atrical director with 1.8 million euros.

Son of peasants, Jara found in music that his mor instilled best vehicle to revalorize chants of plain people. Then re would be social protest and political commitment. Militated in Communist Party and was a cultural emblem during three years of Allende government. On day of military rebellion, president planned to intervene at an event at state Technical University, where Jara would act. It was his last recital. While his guitar sounded bullets of putschists whistled in streets of Santiago de Chile.

Students, officials and professors remained that night concentrated in faculties. The putschists arrested 600 people following day. They were transferred to Estadio Chile (renamed Víctor Jara), where an officer recognized singer-songwriter. They began n hours of infinite tortures, of a ruthless cruelty. When his body and that of Quiroga were found without life on September 15th next to Metropolitan Cemetery, he was aware of extent of martyrdom. His fingers were shattered by rifle buttss of rifles and 44 bullet impacts.

Cultural icon of Chileans, author of Te Remembrance Amanda, cigarette or manifesto was a reference of musical movement in Latin America that rooted in 1960s. Quilapayún, Inti-Illimani or Violeta Parra, creator of mythical me thanks to life, considered by many as a humanist anm, reached International echo.

With this sentence Victor Jara obtains justice in courts. The people of Chile gave it in 2009, after ir remains were exhumed, examined by forensics and returned to family. It was during an emotional and massive official ceremony, on which Joan Manuel Serrat wrote: "This Saturday bury Victor Jara for second time. The one who loved life so much, 36 years later, returns to walk his death. " Now, knowing ruling, echoes words of former president Michelle Bachelet, detained and tortured by coup: "Víctor Jara sings more strongly than ever and Chile does justice with its history."

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