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China, more of the same

Despite their grand assertions, the Beijing regime continues to violate human rights

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China, more of the same

For umpteenth time a Chinese Communist leader has announced "a new Era". This time he has touched President Xi Jinping during celebration of Nineteenth Congress of Chinese Communist Party, but just as it has happened since in 1949 CCP was fully empowered in mainland China, this does not mean at all that it will Any improvement in respect for human rights. and to speak of democratization of regime is pure dialectic speculation.

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Inhuman prison China (08/07/2017)

The Chinese regime boasts two features that are completely falsely viewed. On one hand it would be — of course — rule of law, which would guarantee citizens and companies a stable and predictable legal framework. In fact, Chinese citizens are victims of arbitrary decisions y make about ir lives, not just a government and a single party on cusp, but a whole bureaucratic chain imbued with impunity and oiled by widespread corruption. Second, a market economy, successful at first sight but characterized by lack of respect for rules of economic game common in advanced economies dominated by unfair competition, public aid, industrial espionage to Products from or countries and working conditions dominated by exploitation and absence of trade unions.

But most serious is situation of human rights in a country where freedom of expression does not exist, control of apparatus in power over new technological means is stifling, legal certainty is tantamount to seeking favors from officials and judges and Where dissent, as peaceful as it may be, is persecuted viciously, as has recently been proven with case of Nobel laureate Liu Xiabo.

China is presented as a benevolent dictatorship presided by harmony. But reality is quite different.

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