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CIS and incompatibility

Weakening institutions is a dead-end circle

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CIS and incompatibility

The appointment of a member of Executive Committee of Socialist Party to lead Centre for Sociological Research (CIS) may not be subject to substantive objections if, at end of appointment, person concerned had dropped charges Where it develops functions similar to those that it will have in front of public organism. The reasons for establishing this clear distinction in case of CIS, an institute whose Demoscópicos studies are relevant to electoral strategies of all parties, have nothing to do with competition or personal rigor of its proprietor, but with Conception of relations that must govern between political structures that supply tables to a democratic state and institutions whose independence is an essential demand of public service that y provide.

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The success of motion of censure against Government of a party condemned by corruption put in hands of President Sanchez a chance and a surely unique responsibility to end political uses that, taken to extreme by previous executive, have Ended by damaging constitutional system. The initial attempts to appoint a new president and a new council for public Radio and television were a mistake, as government vice-President, Carmen Calvo, acknowledged. The appointment to CIS front could be second mistake if both Socialist Party and government validate situation created. With aggravation that, although new Director of centre now abandons his functions in socialist executive, re would be political damage already done, in sense that it would have been suggested to citizens that loss of institutional sense is a circle without Output.

Avoiding that circle is perpetuate is a task that corresponds to current executive by virtue of arguments that have nothing to do with a supposed moral superiority, but with rigorously political fact that his arrival at Moncloa is due to a motion of censure Against a government that, in addition to sustaining itself in a party convicted of corruption, manipulated institutions to postpone or avoid that conviction.

Managing political consequences of only motion of censure that has prospered under Constitution of 78 is unequivocal mandate that Sánchez obtained from Parliament, and among those consequences it occupies a prominent place to disprove suspicions that have overflowed Democratic institutions. It is a task that at this time corresponds especially to him and his government, because, among majority groups, PP was responsible for disrepute that suffers, citizens recklessly put ir electoral interests to urgent demand to evict from power to A condemned party, and we may have shown that his denunciation of occupation of state by Popular party only responded that it was not he who occupied it. Some party has to start acting with institutions in anor way, and responsibility for new government is today.

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