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Citizen Connection

Rivera progresses in the polls against demobilization in PP and PSOE

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Citizen Connection

For reasons that probably transcend politics, citizens not only progress in polls as favorite party of Spaniards, but is achieving an extraordinary level of connection with voters. According to Metroscopia's third year survey for country, advance of Albert Rivera's party is modest compared to one published only a month ago, but it seems to consolidate its leadership. It also points out that almost one in three citizens today has in mind to entrust to it government of a country in which it worries, according to data of CIS, unemployment, economic situation, corruption and politicians, while it collapses concern for Catalonia.

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Citizens seem to be located at exact time and place to draw revenues from ir political positions. Without government experience, your leader is in a state of grace. It is most valued and its formation is one that generates more confidence. With it, he believes most of respondents, corruption can be better tackled, policy will be more regenerated (above we can) and will be better fought against inequality (above PSOE although below we can in a survey made before 8-M). These are somewhat paradoxical results that indicate that messages and attitudes of leaders of orange Formation connect with electorate in approaches that are not even those that apparently more flag.

The elections of 2015 and 2016 already pointed at beginning of a cycle end. The emergence of two new parties capable of standing up to traditional ones was a sign that subsequent surveys confirm; A trend towards change that entails its corresponding punishment for PP and PSOE. The diversion of ir votes to centrists has slowed, but neir of m is able to win new adepts and, above all, ir electorates are demobilized, which also favors citizens.

The wear of PP, cornered by trials of corruption and by its own mistakes, is evident. The PSOE, which enjoyed a slight Sánchez effect, falls below 20% of intention to vote. The June Congress tried to issue a message of unity that did not just materialize, as its proposals to reform pensions or education.

It is also symptomatic that respondents rely more on citizens than we can to regenerate political life in United States. The purple Formation resists. Its end does not seem, much less, written and, in fact, it recovers ground, but its problem is low confidence that it raises, which seems to condemn it to occupy third or fourth position once bipartisanship is finished.

The rise of citizens threatens to furr reduce electoral quota of left (PSOE United Can) in Spain. To hold elections today, says this last survey, citizens and PP 50.5% of votes. The Spanish tendency towards center-right, in short, is also consolidated and in this area, with center-left in obvious crisis, it aligns with countries of our environment.

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