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Citizen must be persuaded to increase tax

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who pointed out that a tax increase could be made on the subject of a citizen's persuasion, "I did what I did...

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Citizen must be persuaded to increase tax
Tax increase must be persuaded to citizen EDA Light Economy News Date of entry: 4.10.2017 President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who pointed out that a tax increase could be made on condition of convincing citizen, "I did it" There is no place in economic policies, as in all subjects, "said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, underlining that decline in Faizis is still not at desired point. "If we don't get fall on interest, if we fail, you will know that many plagues await us." President Erdogan, who spoke at AK party's parliamentary group meeting, also referred to tax increases discussed in public, "does tax increase when it is done? Of course it is, but on one condition. By calculating resulting burden correctly, we can do that, of course, to explain it from beginning to nation, to convince people where to use source of sacrifice that is being achieved. Orwise, re is no place in economic policies, as ' I did ' concept is in all subjects, "he said. % 20 will not invest in interest Stressing that credit flows have been accelerated with applications such as credit Guarantee fund, President Erdogan pointed out that interest should be dropped. "We are now in a period where 20 percent of market interest is caught. In a country where market interest is 20 percent, investors can invest, increase employment, and not increase. Then we'll face curse. We face a lot of miserable families. We can't step forward with interest-rate approaches, and if we step in with m, we'll just neglect m. We have to pay attention to that. " inflation caused by interest The central bank and or relevant institutions said loss of value in Turkish lira with its stable policies, president continued to say: "We are still unable to achieve decline in inflation. Why? Due to high interest. That's my bet. High interest will never pull down inflation. It's always most important obstacle in front of him. We have to make this decision one time or anor. Because it's right proportion. Inflation decreases if interest falls. If interest is high, it's same. But what is understanding now? inversely proportional. No, it's not proportional, that's what we saw. When we arrived, interest was 63 percent, we started to pull it down and inflation was around 30 percent. When we took interest to 4.6, inflation revealed a serious decline in a single digit figure. " President Erdogan, calling for savings under pillow, "I invite our citizens to assess gold under pillow, and to contribute to growth and contribution of our country," he said. Growth numbers Just mustn't stay Erdogan stated that reflection of employment is essential to growth of numbers and to support social peace, "we must keep our employment objectives higher. Employment is not just a job to find and earn money. Each new employment means more peaceful individuals, more peaceful families, and more peaceful society, country, "he said. Asset Fund requested capacity unable to reach Entity He underlined that fund hopes that Turkey will be catalyst for investments it needs inside and outside, said President Erdogan, "but it is also a fact that fund has yet to be such a capacity. As soon as possible, I believe we will be most important support element of investments we will need to grow asset fund, "he said.


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