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Citizen Urdangarin

The sentence of the supreme to the King's brother-in-law confirms that justice works

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Citizen Urdangarin

The Supreme Court ruling on Nóos case shows that Spanish constitutional system is vigorous and that claim that all Spaniards are equal before law is not an empty phrase. Faced with widespread view that corruption is unpunished, what has happened in recent weeks has served to confirm in a roundabout and unappealable way that justice works. It can be accused of slowness or lack of means, but only a solid and quality justice can prove within a few weeks corruption of party in power, through sentences of national hearing on plot Gürtel , and bad practices of Iñaki Urdangarin, who taking advantage of his condition as husband of Infanta Cristina, and refore of son-in-law of already emeritus Rey Juan Carlos I, obtained contracts, income and privileges outside law.

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The supreme has condemned to five years and ten months in prison to Iñaki Urdangarin for serious crimes of corruption (embezzlement, prevarication, fraud, tax crimes and traffic of influences), reducing in just a few months penalty that already imposed audience of Palma In February 2017. The bror-in-law of King Felipe VI can try to ask for amparo of constitutional and even pardon government, but ways to evade prison, which will be communicated to him today, are scarce.

The ruling dissects operation of Nóos Institute, which achieved contracts of Balearic government for 2.3 million euros without competing in any contest, imposing prices and conditions and "absolute complacency" of Balearic government. The condemnation of n-President of community, Jaume Matas, of People's Party, three years and eight months in prison, joins ors who have already received same character, one of most nefarious politicians in our recent history. Matas not only did not monitor, as was his obligation, fate of public funds, but encouraged throughout his mandate all kinds of corruption.

It is not, refore, justice that does not work. The problems of Spanish democracy have more to do with financing of parties and with financing of municipalities and Autonomous Communities. That is where we need to concentrate efforts, and that is where we need to look for solutions that cut off any temptation to seek funds outside current legislation.

The Urdangarin case generated an unprecedented crisis for Spanish monarchy, which led to abdication of King Juan Carlos I and an institutional estrangement from sister of new monarch, Infanta Cristina, whose responsibility as a participant in title Lucrative has been confirmed by supreme, like that of Ana Maria Tejero, wife of Diego Torres, or great protagonist of Absurd adventure of Nóos. The exemplary cannot be only a promise in mouth of king and rulers, but a moral and judicial demand that guarantees fulfillment of article 14 of our Constitution: "The Spaniards are equal before law".

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