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Citizens ' boom

The errors of PP and PSOE drive the Rivera party in the polls

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Citizens ' boom

Citizens broke Catalan electoral moulds on December 21st, becoming most voted party. Now, opinion poll elaborated by Metroscopia for this newspaper points to formation of Albert Rivera in important ascent, with capacity to surpass in votes to two hegemonic parties at national level. It is a picture of state of mind of voters without translation to a general election that, on or hand, are not forthcoming, but which notes potential of this young party to attract both voters of PP disenchanted with Political paralysis forced from government of Mariano Rajoy as with lurching and inconsistencies of PSOE and failure of formula we can.

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As has happened in Catalonia, main victim of push of citizens is government party. The absence of political impetus and innovative ideas that grips PP is, surely, main reason for discouragement that extends in much of its electorate. The party of Rajoy, cornered by corruption and absorbed in Catalan crisis, only achieves punctual pacts for partisan interests, sometimes fails to meet and is shown — and this is most important — unable to present to Spanish society A Future project capable of illusion.

Neglecting demand for renovation and reform, PP is leaving field free for center, which adds to failure of a Socialist party victim of inconsistent leadership and lack of a clear and convincing position, eir with respect to Peripheral nationalism, state model or reforms necessary for sustainability of welfare state. The left loses strength in Spain, with a PSOE blurred and a we can that prefers to navigate waters of populism and radicalism that those of progress. Its nationalist whims, its internal division and absence of a solid strategy of opposition has made united-we can in an irrelevant force punished in polls in Catalonia and loser of supports at national level in polls.

But it would be unfair to blame growing success of citizens only to awkwardness of rival formations. Rivera's party, born just over a decade ago, has succeeded in conquering political sympathies of urban, educated, nurtured middle-class and digital constituencies and, above all, unaversion to change. According to Metroscopia poll, party is also being able to widen its electorate transversally with well-valued leaders who do not produce rejection among electors of PP or PSOE.

Thanks to its pactist and pragmatic attitude and aupado by Catalan crisis and its strong defense of constitutional Spain, citizens have managed to represent a centrist, reformist and dynamic Spain. Its main obstacle is its lack of government experience, which hinders credibility of its project and, when hour of ballot box arrives, it can make doubt its potential voters. Clearing se doubts, achieving that experience, committing to govern wherever you can, and maintaining support achieved is now your main challenge.

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