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Clear Ideas

The challenge of the constitutionalists is to mobilize those who want a change

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Clear Ideas

Very close to formal start of Catalan election campaign — 24 hours a day, Monday — precampaign has served to draw two main dangers, both very serious, which should be subject of utmost attention.

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One is that fragmentation of concurrent parties and contradictions between m are so acute that make formation of a new Govern. and consequently perpetuate chaos lived in Parlament previous legislature.

And that is precisely, a real Govern, what Catalans need. A government that governs and does not agitate; That restañe divisions caused by crazy procés in Catalan society; That rescues its economy from decline predicted by flight of companies; To restore image of seriousness squandered in a few months, in detriment to internal and international prestige of Catalonia.

The or risk is that a mandate may be repeated in charge of secessionist block. Because although he could no longer repeat disasters he perpetrated in his last phase — culminated in a parliamentary coup of operetta — he would perpetuate and deepen political, social and economic rift in which his irresponsible proceeding has plunged Catalonia.

Segregationist Continuism would increase legal uncertainty and consequent lack of confidence, both indispensable to restraighten what was full and dynamic vitality of economy and of Catalan society. The secessionist block is unable to provide m, as last few days have shown.

Nothing good bodes as timid a self-criticism as it is, in fact, false, and that it was also suddenly suspended. Neir daily contradictions about bilateralism and illegality, which are now denied, tomorrow are justified and next day y are vindicated. Nor purported continuation of Government of a republic born so dead that it did not even give rise to a miserable executive decree. Neir insupportive drift of a president who, in Shakespearean mode King Lear, points to ses of anti-european right-wing populism, having ensured that Europe would validate its precipitous adventure.

So solutions to such a serious crisis must come from rest of parliamentary arc. From parties linked by lowest common denominator of defense of legality and constitutional order. They do not form a bloc, nor should y, because in democracy re is a right and a duty of plurality, not obligation to divide and confront irreconcilable parts.

It is advisable that parties not already constitutionalists but simply sensible deepen in analysis of disasters that occurred, in ir recipes to confront m, and to illusion ir voters. After what to do will come how and one with whom.

But if y are to draw borders with each or, to exclude future alliances with this or that and to prioritize nuances between m instead of politically confronting perpetrators of disorder, y will cause more of a disappointment. They have to avoid greater evil. And for that it is crucial that y avoid tactical miseries and illusions of citizenry to go to vote massively in hope of achieving a better future in a Catalonia of and for all.

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