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Clinging to clichés

The Catalan crisis once again reveals the role of journalists

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Clinging to clichés

It is possible to assume that most shocking qualifier that Antonio Muñoz Molina will ever receive is that of troll, that is, harasser or cyber bully. It is hard to imagine this prudent and thoughtful scholar, twice national prize of Narrative and Prince of Asturias Prize, transformed into predators in social networks. Well, that's what Jon Lee Anderson, an American journalist, said. That writer is a troll. "As troll as Trump," plus. Why? Because Muñoz Molina criticized in pages of country an article of his on Catalonia, published in New Yorker, and accused him of lying "without any scruple" when writing that Civil Guard is a paramilitary body, with sinister connotation that term has.

The use of that word has given rise to controversy, indeed. But where re is no controversy is in errors of lump that populate text of Anderson, such as that Catalonia was annexed to Kingdom of Castile in 1714 or that Catalonia was last bastion of Republic in Civil War. Errors that would have avoided just typing "Catalonia" in Google. According to Anderson's disqualifications to those who have criticized his article on social networks ("If you're going to faint take a few salts," he spits at an interlocutor), he is not very predisposed to rectifications. In or: He claims that Muñoz Molina will apologize to him.

The Catalan crisis has shown many things, including once again role of journalists. It is known that we are a predictable, simplification-prone, lazy guild that uses taxi drivers and hotel receptionists as a source and tends to cling to romantic ideals and multipocket vest. Reluctant to let reality spoil a good headline. Of all that, Billy Wilder and Evelyn Waugh are masterfully mastered. And not even holy ones who, clod by simple-mindedness, are giving lessons of journalism in international forums.

With se wickers has been built, for decades, world Atlas of topics. And this time he touched Spain. Suddenly we have been portrayed, especially in Anglo-Saxon media, as a bleak and inquisitorial country, gripped by spirit of Franco, who crushes a irreducible and very Democratic people. You go to explain to m that everything is a mirage and that y should keep condescension for better causes.

To this avalanche of clichés, fuelled by independence propaganda, has contributed apathy and inoperation of Government, that after ignoring for months correspondents and embassies just realized that "perhaps" it needed a strategy of Communication. You're late, like everything in this crisis. If it's any consolation, we're not an isolated case. Here we go with "bullfighters-Guerra civil-García Lorca-paella" on slopes. But in Latin America y are tired of caricature of "good savage" and Passion of gringo and European media by revolutionary Redeemers, call mselves Che, Fidel or Chávez. And Africa better not even talk.

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