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Colossal failure in RTVE

Two deputies ' mistake in voting in Congress the list of counsellors slows down the relay in the public corporation

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Colossal failure in RTVE

The process of renewal of board of Directors of RTVE has claimed first parliamentary failure of executive of Pedro Sánchez, staging enormous risks that it implies to govern with a minority as fragile as Socialists now have. The permanent dependence of seats that Auparon to Moncloa requires that re be no fissures in an artificially configured block, both for heterogeneous origin of groups that revalidated investiture and for ir diverse interests. By an error — involuntary or deliberate — when voting in Congress list of directors of RTVE, relay on radio and public television has gone down. It has been of little help that parties that supported Sanchez had forcefully expressed urgent need to regenerate public corporation to ensure its independence.

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The failure of two deputies — whose ballots were deemed void — in plenary of Congress and absence of two ors has left only one vote of absolute majority required by law to appoint 10 new directors of RTVE. This colossal fiasco obliges government to appoint a sole administrator to manage corporation in an interim manner until public competition to be born of a directive dome endorsed by Parliament is resolved.

Before President Sanchez has an imminent challenge: designate a manager to carry reins of RTVE in coming months and make appointment is endorsed by at least 176 deputies. Success in this task will depend on capacity of President of executive to get necessary parliamentary support. Choosing for that position a person of prestige and with a proven capacity of management in field of media could contribute to pave way.

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