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Companies monitor their wage gap following March 8 protests

Different Spanish companies have ordered internal audits to detect whether there is remuneration inequality between men and women

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Companies monitor their wage gap following March 8 protests

It has only been a month since March 8th when Spain became a world benchmark for pro-equality movement and some companies have begun to take good note of protests and try to mitigate inequality within ir workforce. "We plan to present measures to reinforce diversity because 8-M has increased awareness that exists on part of companies. Although big ones have been working on it for years, says Conchita Álvarez, director of human resources at Banco Sabadell.

"Organizations have to respond to demands of society," says Olga Salomó, its counterpart in pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, almost equal in its staff of 1,750 workers and its steering committee (of its seven members three are Women). Hence, following demonstrations decided deepen analysis of wage gap y know y have. It barely reaches 2%, but company prepares to fight it from knowledge of motives that lead to it, explains directive.

Ikea has found out about se causes. Antiquity, says Elena Lopez, responsible for diversity and equality of Swedish firm in Spain (with a workforce of 8,000 workers, women in its 60%), is responsible for men to earn almost 5% more than ir partners in same positions. "We have goal of zero wage gap," says this expert, in charge of company's second equality Plan, approved last Thursday.

Movistar has also commissioned a diagnosis of salary difference between men and women of its workforce. He is aware that gap, no matter how little, according to its Director of organization and Human resources, Juan M. Rueda, exists. It was first mission, he explains, of newly-released follow-up Commission on its equality Plan; He has also just appointed an agent responsible for ensuring equal treatment and opportunity among his 900 employees and publishing a protocol on prevention and treatment of sexual harassment.

Unconscious bias

Boehringer and Movistar are training ir executives and intermediate managers to eradicate unconscious biases of gender, courses that are obligatory, assures subsidiary of Telefónica, which has placed focus of its strategy to reach 30% of directives in 2020. "If barrier doesn't fall, we break it. Positive discrimination is necessary, "continues Rueda. In Movistar current percentage of women executives is 24%.

A similar proportion (23%) is that of Banco Sabadell, precisely where it has focused focus of its strategy on equality, "one of our priorities now", according to Conchita Álvarez. The entity, with about 17,000 workers in Spain and an almost equal workforce, assures that 45% of ir promotions in direction of women. And it is very concerned that salary revisions are joint (in 2017, 32.62% of employees had m and 32.47% of workers), rar than eliminating wage gap, "which is not significant," because in no category exceeds 10%, says Alvarez.

"We are noticing that re is starting to be wage audits, although it is very new. Organizations want to know where discrimination is generated and how to correct it, "appreciates Susana Marcos, partner of consultancy PeopleMatters," although most believe that in hers re is no gender gap, we have verified with experience that re are very very Few companies that are not given. " "We see a real interest in avoiding discrimination. So far many companies wanted to cover record and today equality is in address agenda. There is a clear change, ' says Beatriz Ruse, responsible for diversity of firm, who perceives increase in policies to avoid gender bias in processes of selection, promotion, detection of managerial potential and wage review.

"In past year," says Aurora Sanz, partner in charge of Labor Department of consulting firm Grant Thornton — "We have noticed an increase close to 10% in demands for equality plans. Companies are more sensitized and we make new plans and we review some that were made to cover dossier. " They have noted that Movement for equality is unstoppable, according to signature of selection of Talengo executives.

Accelerators to encourage reconciliation

The new Ikea equity Plan emphasizes stewardship, incorporating up to seven weeks of paternity leave (three more than legally planned). The firm wants to visualize reductions of time and absence that men take to set an example for rest of workers, explains Elena López, responsible for diversity. It also includes a protocol for victims of gender-based violence and use of blind curriculum in staff selection.

Boehringer Ingelheim does non-discriminatory recruitment; In ir succession plans a woman always enters triplet of candidates, gives great importance to non-sexist use of language and helps to reconcile with labor flexibility and teleworking, among or measures. The work from home is being tested by Movistar and Banco Sabadell as an instrument to improve reconciliation of personal life and work of its workforce.

Although, according to Javier Benavente, president of Alares Assistance company, for conciliation to be extended, re must be tax incentives for companies that make efforts in this direction.


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