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Condemns Spain

The Supreme Court obliges the Government to comply with the refugee agreement

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Condemns Spain

Between September 2015 and same month of 2017, Spain was to host 19,449 refugees from Greece (13,086) and Italy (6,363). This was commitment that Government of Mariano Rajoy signed in Brussels, but at end of deadline only 2,500 refugees had arrived, only 12.85% of agreed figure. Although government never formally rejected quota policy that was trying to impose Brussels under Angela Merkel's moral leadership, in practice boycotteded her as much as she could. Now, Spain has become first EU country to which its courts of justice have condemned for breach of agreement. A judgement of Supreme Court considers that this was "binding and obligatory", and refore obliges Government to receive 85% remaining of agreed quota. But it will not be infringing government, but new socialist government, person in charge of complying with sentence.

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The year in which agreement was signed Europe lived a serious political crisis because of massive arrival of refugees. The bloody Syrian war and endemic violence that hit various countries, including Afghanistan, led to European continent over a million refugees. In face of enormous pressure that countries of arrival suffered, mainly Greece and Italy, as main country of destination, Germany, EU adopted a first agreement of distribution of 160,000 refugees among 28 member countries through a system of quotas Mandatory. Although it was a small figure in relation to refugees that had arrived that year, agreement was of great importance because in its application it was dirimía if Europe faced emergency in a solidarity way or a new and dangerous dynamic was opened in which every Country took decisions that best suited him.

The second option was imposed. That agreement was first and last, as several eastern countries refused to accept a single refugee. The EU, much weakened, had no strength to impose agreement. Spain did not agree with boycott, but it did not do anything to comply with what was agreed. This unfortunate strategy not only harmed refugees who were to be welcomed and countries that supported main burden, but weakened European Union dangerously. And it also eroded Spanish democracy itself, because it was obvious that a cynical approach was applied according to which, one thing is what is said and anor, what is done. Or what is same, that agreements may not be fulfilled, as electoral commitments may not be fulfilled. Such attitudes affect very negatively most important part of contract between citizens and ir political representatives, trust.

While government boycotted arrival of refugees, many cities were prepared to receive m with devices that were useless. Now, Spain has become one of main gateways for refugees and economic immigrants, and has begun to see importance of EU facing migratory crisis in a joint manner. We must celebrate that new government has taken a turn on this issue. Spain must strive to be part of solution and not problem.

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