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Congress calls on the government to change the reckoning of unemployment to stop being sexist

The initiative goes forward with the support of all groups, except the PP

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Congress calls on the government to change the reckoning of unemployment to stop being sexist

The Congress almost in full requires government to change way in which unemployment insurance is calculated in part time to stop being sexist. It does so through a non-law proposition passed on Wednesday at United States Employment Commission we can at a tide and approved by all groups except PP that follows recently-marked wake of Europe.

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The Court of Justice of European Union ruled more than a month ago that way Spain calculates duration of employment insurance for part-time workers is sexist. Specifically, it is when it affects those who concentrate on some days of week ir working time (for example, those hired for 16 hours for weekend), because y discriminate against rest of workers. It is what is technically called vertical partial day. Between 70 and 80% of partial employment is women's cup.

When someone is unemployed and claims ir benefit, public employment service counts as quoted every day of month from someone who works 16 hours a week distributed during every working day. On or hand, who only does weekend, in vertical days, only computes two days.

At this point, European Justice concludes that situation is discriminatory by Spanish labour reality. Most part-time workers are women, also when time is concentrated in a few days a week. This makes, in fact, most of injured collective to be women. That is why European judges conclude that re is sexism.

The non-law proposition that raises Congress after vote-approved with 21 votes in favour and 14 against-calls for amendment of Decree of 1985 of unemployment protection so that duration of benefit computes as quoted all period during which per Sona worker is discharged "irrespective of day done" so that he can not fit "any type of discrimination on basis of working day." She has been presented by Congresswoman Yolanda Díaz (at Marea) to "defend rights of half working population". Díaz has accused PP government of being "discriminatory and sexist" and Ministry of Employment, directed by Fatima Báñez, of being a "opaque to genre" department.

The PP had submitted a modification amendment which has not been accepted. His proposal was similar in statement to that of united we can in tide on recognition of part-time, but obviating part in which it refers to "progressive implementation of equal treatment between men and women in matters of security" Social ". "We do not reject application of sentence." The Ministry of Employment has asked for a report to State Bar and is working on it already. But y have not accepted modifications we proposed, so we voted against it. "We do agree that law has to be adapted to sentence", clarifies deputy of PP Águeda Reynés.

It is not first time that Europe has brought colors to Spain with gender discrimination in employment. Already in 2013 European justice, and shortly reafter Constitutional Court, failed against way in which Social security computed minimum period necessary to access a contributory pension of those who had worked part-time for same reason, for being sexist. Then re were no distinguishing modalities of partial days, but it was concluded that regulation was sexist because women are a vast majority among those working part-time.


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