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Cops in the chat

Hate messages discharged by municipal agents in Madrid should not be left unpunished

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Cops in the chat

The Municipal police of Madrid has taken precautionary measures against agents that from a chat of WhatsApp severely insulted mayor, Manuela Carmena, issued comments of Nazi and xenophobic court and threatened police who denounced talks. The temporary suspension of its functions — with withdrawal of weapon and regulatory plaque to three police officers — is a first step in resolving an investigation that should not leave perpetrators of intolerable messages unpunished in any official. It gains even greater gravity than those who are members of security forces and bodies, in charge of preserving public order.

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It will be up to justice to determine criminal scope of injuries and threats that have been poured into a digital forum involving a hundred agents. Regretting that mayor had not been killed in attack on law firm of Atocha in 1977, extol figure of Hitler or suggest that immigrants have to put bushes in skull and Incrustárselos to hammer are comments Unacceptable. They distill ideological hatred, racism and suppose a enhancement of fascism. Suggesting that messages belong to "private sphere", as some trade unions have raised, is also not admissible, since talks were open to many people.

By good name of institution itself, Municipal police of Madrid has to collaborate in everything possible to punish something that should not have a place in a democracy. The agents of authority must be required to be exemplary. It is troubling that a group of police officers display insulting opinions and with Nazi connotations, clearly incompatible with work of officials responsible for ensuring peaceful coexistence and also carrying weapons.

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