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Credit Registration bureau launches campaign for safe trade

Credit Registration Bureau (PPE), Czech fraud and Czech victimization to draw attention and secure · ti · caret i · ci · n is launching a square check campaign...

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Credit Registration bureau launches campaign for safe trade
Credit Registration bureau launches campaign for safe trade AA Economy News Entry Date: 18.10.2017 16:14 Credit Registration Bureau (PPE), Czech fraud and Czech victimization to draw attention and secure · ti · caret i · ci · n has announced launch of a square check campaign.

In a written statement, KWB announced that it has launched a new advertising campaign to draw attention to Czech fraud and Czech victim.

In a statement, use and importance of commercial life increased every day, use of Findeks square, developed by KWB to prevent fraud of using Czech system was expressed as a shield.

In campaign carrying slogan "safe future in trade with Findeks Square," use of square check system to minimize risk of unrequited, fake and twin checks, highlighted statement is downloaded to smartphones, Findeks mobile In Czech acceptance phase, cheque holder has been reported to be easily reached by Czech owner's past cheque payment performance with a square-wood check report.

In statement, risk of obtaining unrequited cheque in light of sales decision could be reduced by 80 percent and cheque forgery can be prevented as well recorded.

The bank branches of accession process to Findeks can be completed through website or mobile application, "after logging into Findeks application, square on check is reported only to 60 cents. Check wher check is available in bank's records, average amount of checks organized by monk in last 5 years, when checks have been paid, checks and last cheque, and when cheque is organized Many data that reveal payment history can be reached in seconds. "

"The square of Czech user has exceeded 350 thousand"

In statement, KLB General manager, which is included in comments, stated that problem of Czech use of cheques as far as commercial life is critical for country's economy.

In Turkey, over 700 billion lira per year and 22 million pieces of Czech monk, which gave information about Mediterranean, " average of 4-5 times through Ciranta of Czechs changed hands of 100 million commercial transactions paid by cheque Performing. Therefore, it is extremely important for our country, especially in terms of real sector, for payment of cheques. To achieve this, square- Czech system, which is implemented by PPE, is becoming more and more widespread every day, "he said.

The Mediterranean, as of today, is 350 thousand of Czech users of square, square of Czech leaf is exceeding 17 million reported.

At beginning of this year, a square-wood check in cheques in circulation with necessity of a square percent of Czech rate reached 40 levels indicating that Mediterranean, found following reviews:

"The square check, which takes cheque and accepts a safer trade, minimizes risk of collection by minimizing risk of unrequited checks. The square-door check application also paves way for first time business parties to trade more securely. Those who accept checks can instantly reach Square check report, which is located on checks.

In this report, Czech owner can see past check payment performance and can make decision of selling futures more secure to people who regularly pay ir cheques without disrupting ir payments for a long time. For a safer environment in trade, we have taken an important step with Findeks square-wood Czech system. After this phase, our expectation is that use of real sector of reports, such as 60 cents, is a price of extremely cüz. "


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