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Crespo pleads guilty to the collection of diets in the CAM and pact evade prison

Apart from the former president, the other 20 defendants maintain their innocence and will defend themselves in the trial

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Crespo pleads guilty to the collection of diets in the CAM and pact evade prison

The former president of Extinto Savings Bank of Mediterranean (CAM), Modesto Crespo, has pleaded guilty to irregular collection of 600,000 euros in diets in Tinser portfolio, a company owned by entity. Before trial, anti-corruption prosecution and AfectadosMÁS information platform

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  • The Council of CAM, in trial for diets of 600,000 euros of former president
Of CAM, which exerts particular accusation, had accepted an agreement offered by lawyer of Crespo, according to several legal sources.

The former President of Fund has accepted a sentence of nine months in prison after confessing guilty and is committed to return 600,000 euros that pocketed irregularly based on diets to which he had no right: 200,000 euros will return now and 400,000 Remaining in instalments, in next two years, as legal sources have confirmed. The or 20 defendants — Deputy Director General Roberto López Abad and 19 senior advisors — have maintained ir innocence and will exercise ir defense in trial, which began on Monday at Provincial court in Alicante and is extended until next July.

Reduction of penalties

The anti-corruption prosecutor's Office has opposed withdrawing accusation concerning excouncillors, but it has offered m to reduce from two or three years ' imprisonment, according to cases, to six and nine months, respectively, ir request for convictions for m if y plead guilty. The affected platform is willing to excuse those indictees if y incriminate those who consider mselves to be true culprits of fraud.

The case Tinser constitutes one of criminal cases instructed by national hearing for alleged looting of box, which was intervened by Bank of Spain on July 22, 2011 and awarded for a few months to Banco Sabadell. Once investigation was completed, competition for prosecution of this procedure was derived from court of instruction 5 of Alicante.

The anti-corruption prosecutor initially requested four years ' imprisonment and 120,000 euros of fine for former president of CAM Modesto Crespo and former director General Roberto López Abad, as author and Inducer or co-operator necessary, respectively, of a crime of Aggravated misappropriation or, alternatively, a corporate offense by unfair administration.

Crespo received between 2009 and 2011 about 600,000 gross euros for a dedication "that in Tinser portfolio was non-existent" and that in CAM "was free by legal disposition", according to anti-corruption. The statutes of CAM, a box with 130 years of history that became fourth largest in Spain, established that positions of general counsel or President of entity would have "honorific and gratuitous character." And y could not generate remunerations or than diets for attendance at meetings or travel expenses approved by General Assembly.

At end of 2009, López Abad, n director general, "devised a plan to circumvent this prohibition" and pay newly elected president, Modesto Crespo, 300,000 euros annually, according to prosecutor's office. "In execution of this plan", commission of Remunerations of CAM, presided by Gil-lump, approved creation of a board of directors in subsidiary Tinser portfolio, with CRESPO as executive president, and Board of Directors of entity endorsed Proposal.

On June 4, interrogations

The tenth section of Alicante Provincial Court has today refused to suspend trial, as several defence lawyers had ordered with approval of prosecutor. The Tribunal believes that minutes of meetings of Committee of remuneration and of governing body which are not to be incorporated into case, and which have been requested to Supreme Court, will arrive in time for consideration by Parties before following session , scheduled for June 4, where interrogations of 21 defendants will begin.

The judges will resolve in coming weeks or issues such as alleged lack of legitimacy of particular accusation or possible violation of fundamental rights raised on Monday by defenses. On or hand, Crespo has been told to attend all sessions of trial because his wife is being subjected to surgery, as y have done with anor advisor for his delicate state of health.


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