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Cruel inefficiency

It is necessary to revise the way in which the budget for dependence is managed

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Cruel inefficiency

In its agreement with Citizens for approval of budgets of 2017, government pledged to increase heading for dependency in 100 million euros. The implementation of budget has revealed, however, that 44 of those millions — which would have allowed care of some 6,600 dependents — have been left unspent. This non-compliance is an unacceptable cruelty if one takes into account that in Spain re are more than 310,000 dependents who meet criteria for receiving a benefit and do not receive it. Of se, 120,000 are severe dependents and large dependents. About 40,000 dependents die each year without receiving benefit y are entitled to.

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The adoption of Dependency Act in November 2006 was considered a landmark, as it should be fourth pillar of welfare state along with health, education and social services. A chronic lack of sufficient budgetary appropriation now binds a disastrous management which, in addition to being inefficient, burdens cost of Autonomous communities. The Government systematically violates obligation to provide 50% of amount of benefits, so that autonomy ends up carrying 82% of expenditure, which has placed m at limit of ir possibilities. To comply with its share, government should bring 1.8 billion more to system.

There is also fact that in granting of aid re is no priority, as it would be logical, for dependents with greater needs. In 2016 waiting list was reduced, which was n 375,000 people, by 16.2%, but among minor dependents fell by 22% while severe and large dependents only fell 4%. The Government must fulfil its obligations and revise way in which that heading is managed in order to avoid serious problems of inefficiency and inequity that are now being observed.

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